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[App] RedPapers – Auto Reddit Wallpapers

RedPapersRedPapers : Sets your phone wallpaper to the hottest/newest picture post from the selected subreddit.

Automatically resets the wallpaper to the hottest post of the subreddit based on an interval you set.

Reddit Wallpapers makes sure your phone stays fresh with new pictures on your wallpaper. Its a refreshing experience!

Some popular subreddits based on photography-

Please disable app optimization if Redpapers does not update at the right time
Disclaimer – This app is not affiliated with reddit.

RedPapers user reviews :

Great (but with little flaws). Loved the simple UI, but it could be slightly better. Maybe it’s because of the written things, I love the concept, but I think they could look more organized, you know? Also a skip button (inside the app) would be perfect too. The ads are another thing not so good. I mean, you deserve to be paid, but I don’t think that the way you’re doing is the best one. It is really cheap tho, I’m glad I paid.

I have tried so many Reddit wallpaper changers including Muzei and Wallpaper Changer for Reddit. Every app either doesn’t work, or has major issues, such as the widget not working correctly to change wallpapers, images not loading (or loading half a picture) or constantly showing the same picture. I love this app because it simply works! Put your subreddit in, add the homescreen button, click it and you get a new wallpaper! Don’t like the picture? Click it again and you get another one! One request though, please add something to the app so it shows what picture you’re currently viewing and from which subreddit its from and allow users to click straight to the subreddit. This is a very useful feature from Muzei and Wallpaper Changer for Reddit that is sadly missing from this app. If this was added it would be 5 stars and I would purchase in an instant!

great app! although upon trying to choose a subreddit and start the service it says bad subreddit I’ve tried a few different ones and it’s all the same error. I’ve tried clearing cache and reinstalling. Still the same error.

It’s great unlocking my phone and having a new landscape brighten up my screen every hour. What’s not great is the amount of mobile data this app uses (even after disallowing “background data usage”). I’ll stick to my default wallpaper until there’s an option to only update backgrounds on WiFi.

I just started using this app, but I love its simplicity. It quietly keeps my phone updated with interesting and beautiful photography, but it hasn’t once spammed me with ads or asked me to review it here. My compliments to the developer(s). Great job and great example of how an app should behave!

The app works but the time frames don’t work. i set it for 10 mins but it never changes. EDIT: everything now works flawlessly. Thank you. 5 star after updates.
  • Rit Pat
  • Fixed! :) Please update the app to see changes.
Within days of my posting that it was not working on my phone, I was informed that it was updated! I downloaded the update and it now works great!!
  • Rit Pat
  • Fixed! :) Please update the app to see changes

It’s a great app but it could be greater if it had a function to save a pic that you like, with that would work nice to select a folder for wallpapera and maybe the option to select more topics of your choice at random. Anyway, great job

Fantastic app, I wish it went more to the center instea of automatically cropping to the left.

the absolutely best thing ever

Lovely app So easy to use and works perfectly well! Good job Dev!

Works great. just wish i could add multiple subreddits at once

I’ve been looking for an app like this for awhile I’m glad it finally exists, saw the add in a news feed article and so far it’s been working great, wish I could set for lock screen wallpaper too

works great! Awesome app! pls add ability to use more than one subreddit in future versions and keep up the good work!

Works really well. Fantastic app to spice up my homescreen! I would love to be able to add multiple subreddits.

Works perfectly, it might need a button to skip a wallpaper.

Brilliant. Needed new backgrounds and couldent decide. Now they automaticly change.

awesome app, pls recommend more sources and types of wallpapers to choose
  • Rit Pat
  • Will add more to the app, but for now some good ones are r/wallpapers r/mostbeautiful r/earthporn r/skyporn r/spaceporn r/space r/art r/mobilewallpapers

Great idea, love it

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