Refantasia – The riches and beauty await

[Game] Refantasia – Charm and Conquer

Refantasia This is it. I guess it’s the end of your life. Did you achieve everything you wanted? What would you do if you had another chance?

I can’t bring you back…. but what if I could bring you to an isekai, a medieval land full of powerful heroes and dominating factions competing for supremacy? Will you assemble your allies and climb the ranks with your keen tactics? The riches and beauty await, will you answer the call of the isekai?

Every Lord Starts Somewhere
In a world governed by superstition and fear, build a stronghold utilizing your advanced scientific knowledge and strategic insight to conquer ignorance and opposition. Assemble your team to help manage the operations on the home front and enjoy the rewards of a productive economy with just one click!

Oaths of the Sword
Might isn’t always right, win the heart and loyalty of your followers with your charisma and intellect. Level up your heroes and train your troops automatically so that you may overcome all opposition and conquer the world!

Romantic Encounters of Chance
Elves, beastians, fairies, demons, and even goddesses… What kind of sparks will encounter on your journeys? Create your own fantasy stories with different consorts and discover the joy of parenthood surrounded by your offspring.

The Enemy of My Enemy
Build alliance with like-minded travelers and fight against your common enemy. Establish closer ties with your allies through an intricate web of marriages between your heirs/heiress and theirs, which will bring you a great bonus! You don’t have to fight your enemies all alone by yourself!

Enjoy your personal fantasia in another world full of original, gripping stories with wild imagination!
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Refantasia user reviews :

Overall, I love playing this game. The artwork is very nice and the players on the game have a very friendly way of competing. However, starting today I have been incapable of playing the game without a wifi connection even though it’s never been an issue before. (I’m basically never connected to wifi) With this issue arising, I can’t play on the go and my progress has been haulted. I would definitely give a higher rating if I wasn’t currently receiving this issue.

  • We’re sorry to hear that, please contact us through Discord, Facebook or in-game support so we can help you with this matter.

The game is fun and enjoyable. One problem I have with the game is that the objectives are impossible to progress through. Objective 137 is almost impossible to complete since the world boss dies one minute after it becomes available. Would be nice to see a health increase on the boss so that more people are able to progress and benefit from the rewards.

  • Hello there, Alex! Thank you very much for such an awesome feedback. It is really important for us to hear this kind of comments. Should you need any other assistance or if you want to leave more comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us via ingame support or facebook page!

A great game with potential and having lots of fun with, just a few frustrating things. The interesting characters you need pieces to unlock are mostly behind competitive events or pay packs. Not enough opportunities or number of pieces to be gotten via standard play. Thus, frustrating for players who need to compete for those pieces, but just cant afford to compete and get them. Art is really nice, just a shame they are staying behind pg-13 designs. They could make some really nice R rated art.

  • Thank you for taking the time to write a review, please consider sending us a message on Discord or Facebook. We’d love to hear more from you.

The art style is cool, the storyline of the game is fun and the basic “gameplay loop” is enjoyable enough to keep going. The events that swap round every few days are also enjoyable. The problem comes here however, as said events only give any good rewards at higher rankings, however the higher ranks are always dominated by people willing to spend a lot of money on the game in order to achieve said ranking, meaning some content is basically locked to you unless you’re willing to shell out lots

  • Thank you for your feedback!

Awesome! I love this game! The only thing I have against it is it’s way to hard to become a VIP on any level, and the extra competitions like the ice and chocolate ones are monotonous but even after the games are over they leave a red dot on the screen line it’s still active that just bugs me. It sure won’t keep me from playing though that’s for sure!!! Thanks y’all for a great and fun game!

  • Thank you for taking the time to write a review, we’re very happy that you are enjoying it. Please consider sending us a message on Discord or Facebook. We’d love to hear more from you.

It’s a good game I don’t mind putting some time into regularly, but I’m having trouble logging in on another device. I connected it to my email and everything but the server I used to use is too crowded or something so I apparently can’t access it from my new phone and when I use another server, it makes me starts from scratch, making me lose literal months of progress Please do something about it.

  • Hello there, dear City Lord! We are sorry for the unpleasant situation. But don’t worry, we can surely help you out with this situation. Simply contact us via ingame support or facebook page so we can guide you and resolve this. Looking forward to your answer!

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