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RegularlyRegularly helps you keep track of all those repeating tasks which don’t have fixed calendar schedules.

Maybe you water your plants about once a week, but you don’t care if it’s a different day every week. Or perhaps you visit the dentist every six months, but five or seven months is okay too.

We all have dozens of tasks like these, and traditional calendar-based apps are of little use with such varying schedules. With Regularly, you’ll never forget any of your tasks again!

Regularly ranks your tasks using an innovative urgency rating which shows you which tasks are most overdue. The algorithm knows that a weekly task that’s four days late is more urgent than a yearly task that’s one week late.

Regularly’s sleek color coding scheme makes it easy to quickly see whether you have any tasks requiring your attention. Several customization options allow you to tweak the app’s appearance to your liking.

Every time you perform a task, you log it in the app, and the next reminder will be scheduled accordingly. The log is also color coded so you can review whether you’re good at performing the task on schedule, or if you’re usually late.

Instead of keeping you on a strict schedule with notifications fixed intervals, Regularly dynamically adjusts the reminders according to your task log, so you’ll never need to manually alter the reminder schedule.

Regularly scales the reminder frequency of overdue tasks according to their period, so you won’t get bombarded with constant annoying reminders for tasks you only perform once a year.

Each task can be assigned multiple tags, allowing you to group the tasks into categories of your choosing. So you can swipe left to see just your household chores, then again to see your car maintenance tasks.

If you’ve got Jelly Bean, you’ll see a list of your due tasks, color-coded by their urgency score, right in the notification pane. When you’ve completed them, you can quickly log them as done from the notification.

Beautiful home screen widget
Add notes to entries in task logs
Adjust frequency of notifications
Customize notification behavior for individual tasks
Backup and restore all tasks and logs
DashClock widget extension

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System tools: run at startup
Allows rescheduling of notifications.
Storage: modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Allows backup and restore of your database to and from your phone’s SD card (or equivalent storage).
Network communication: full network access
If something goes wrong, allows sending me an anonymous crash report to help me fix the problem. You can opt out of this.
Network communication: Google Play billing service
Allows donation to support development if you wish.
Hardware controls: control vibration
Allows optional vibrating notifications.

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Regularly user reviews :

Regularly is by far my favorite app for housekeeping and maintenance tracking. I love that the reminders aren’t obnoxious. I love that I set a regular interval for the task and it resets the interval from the day it was done rather than assigned. (So if I need to change my furnace filter every six months, but it took me seven to get it done, it restarts the six months from the date I accomplished the task.) I love that there is a spot both for details and for notes on each task. I use details for instructions and notes for unusual things that happen on a particular date. And I love that I can divide tasks into lists to organize. I only wish there was a way to share/sync my list with my spouse on his phone. He has requested a schedule for when things need to be done, so being able to sync to another device/account would be amazing!

Super helpful. This app is straightforward and does what it says. It has really helped me keep up with chores. I have the widget on my home screen so I can always see it in a glance and the daily reminder is helpful without being annoying. The calendar portion is another easy way to see how often the tasks have been completed. No ads either!

I don’t see how this app get such good ratings. third time installing and trying it out brings the same results. nothing works. 116 days overdue now for the one task I tested with this time. notifications on set to every two weeks at 11 a.m., I get a notification maybe once every month and a half, this last one at 5 a.m.. when it does anything at all, which is rarely, it does it wrong. disappointing

This is a great app and I used it for a while now. It’s a pitty that it is abandoned and not updated anymore. I have been looking for maintained replacements for a long time. Luckily, I just found a recently released alternative app with the same advantages, (also add-free but some non-essential functions have to be purchased for a small fee) and with even more options for recurring evemts. It’s called Recurlog. Check it out if you have issues with Regularly.

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