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Remote Mouse KeyboardRemote Mouse Keyboard : The best and the original remote Android mouse and keyboard out there.

AndroMouse converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. Connection with your computer is made either using your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse also features speech-to-type which uses Google speech recognition to make your work easier.

Works with Windows/Mac/Linux

Great for presentations.

Loads of new features are added in AndroMouse 6.0

Relax in your bed and search YouTube with your voice. You need to run AndroMouse Desktop Server on your computer to use AndroMouse. Please visit to download free desktop server, to watch an intro video and for a quick tutorial.

Mouse features:

Tap click
Two finger tap to double click
Easy drag and drop
Right click
Left handed mode
Middle mouse button

Keyboard features:
Standard keyboard
Function and special keys

Other features:
Automatic server detection
Connect using Wi-Fi (Windows/Mac/Linux) or Bluetooth (Windows)
Save remote connections
Clean UI

Numpad features
Dedicated Numpad

Media player features
Media remote with media buttons
Control Windows Media Player/iTunes/YouTube/Netflix/Spotify
Browse your computer’s media files

System remote
Use this remote to restart/logoff/shutdown your system

Custom Remote
Create your own remote
Add custom buttons with your own actions

File Browser
Browse your computer’s file in your phone
Click on a file to open it on your computer

Game Controller
Use AndroMouse as your remote game computer
Easily programmable buttons

Presentation Remote
Great while doing your powerpoint presentation
Can also be used in photo viewer
Buttons to go next/previous slide
Integrated mouse functionality
Ability to view computer’s screen on the app

Program your own custom shortcut keys

Languages – English, Spanish, and French


Please visit to learn how to use AndroMouse and download the server.

Remote Mouse Keyboard user reviews :

Works on my Raspberry Pi great so far. I will keep useing it. I really hope the devs keep improving this product. For example it would be great to have a bigger touchpad, a scroll bar and more colors in custom remotes, to get most out of the functions already included in this app. Besides that the setup is straight forward and for everyone. I had no connection issues or other error messages. I could not test Bluetooth, because the Server can not detect Raspberries bt device.

This app has great potential. It was working for a while but now it disconnects about every 10 seconds so isn’t useable anymore. Too bad. I’ve reinstalled my PC Bluetooth drivers, restarted everything at the hardware level, enabled everything I can find on my Android… but nothing helped.

I tried many apps but this is the best. Feature recommendation: while using custom remote if I open any other app and return to the mouse app again need to reconnect and select my custom remote. Would be better if the ap p shows my previous screen.

This app is great and easy to use but it would be great if we have the option to continue connecting it with the computer even after unlocking every screen as this app automatically disconnects it after every screen lock which makes a kind of weird to me and thus has to reconnect it after unlocking the cellphone screen everytime. So developer please in next update please correct it.

Where is the custom key option in version 6?Is that taken away?I searched in the shortcut section too.But it just provides shortcut keys.Not a custom key ,which can be used to open specific applications.There is no option for setting custom key in andromouse server also,which was there on the version 5.Really disappointed
  • XurajB Labs
  • Nithin, you have the option to add your own custom button in shortcuts. I moved the functionality from server to the app itself. Next update will provide you to add your own custom remote with custom keys

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