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Renovate to Rent Give the old homes a complete makeover and rent it to for top dollar!

Live the life of a real estate mogul and interior decorator in this newest home design game. Relax by transforming foreclosed homes, renovating properties, and instead of flipping them, rent it for money-flushed clients.


Unique gameplay: now you got the chance to decorate & renovate without having to play match 3 puzzle game. Focus on home design only.
Interior design: you decide what the place will look like.
Variety of rooms: we have prepared tons of visually-stunning three-dimensional spaces for you to design & decorate.
Aesthetic furniture: all decor items and furniture were inspired by Pinterest, Ashley, and Ikea. Gain inspiration and learn about different interior design styles.
Creativity boosting: play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills.
Engaging stories: rent houses for clients with unique personalities and learn about their amazing stories.
Frequent, fresh and free content updates with new interior and exterior design challenges, floor plans, outdoor gardens, landscaping, seasonal items and more!

Home Design: Renovate to Rent is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.
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Renovate to Rent user reviews :

A wonderful game of interior design! The choices of different,stylish,and beautiful colors of furnishings to decorator a room with! To earn different pieces of furnishings to fill the room is watch a video! So clever!The only complaint that I have about the game is the ads are good but way too long. When the player has to sit through multiple ads to obtain one item, takes the fun from the game. Each item doesn’t have to cost so much. I really did enjoyed the game. Meantime, I will uninstall.

Basically, this is just like every other CookApps decorating game, but without the Match-3 gameplay. The graphics are more realistic, but everything else is the same: each room has a client(-s) with a storyline to follow as you design. The ads, which is how you earn game coins, can get overwhelming, but that’s when I know it’s a time to take a break. This app’s a nice change, though I do find myself missing the gameplay – good thing there’re plenty other CookApps Match-3 Design to choose from!

I love the Home Design apps but this is my fav because I’m pretty lazy and I love being able to decorate without having to play a game. The only downside is not having an option to restart a room – sometimes, once you’ve placed an item it can’t be changed, and it can be frustrating if you decide halfway through a room that you want to change a colour scheme, but then can’t make everything match. If the redo was an option, I would give it 5 stars.

Cool game but it has some flaws, like touch sensitivity (ie. on my phone). If I want to change something, it selects everything but the item I’m trying to change. You can’t zoom in to select it. It’s frustrating. Another thing is the ads. I don’t mind them, but it should have a option to opt out by paying a one time fee but still get the 1200 by clicking the button; make it a fair price. The ads are repetitive which becomes annoying when you have to watch 10-30 just to complete a room.

The app keeps shutting down saying error every couple seconds. I’ll force stop it and it’ll do if again where I can’t finish my designs. It honestly wasn’t doing this until the upgrade I’ve had this app for months. Hopefully this bug can be fixed or the app will be useless. Other wise I would have given it 5 stars, I love this game and the choices are all excellent. I also love how different it is from the others. No match 3 just simply designing.

It’s true, no match 3, only design! No ads interupting your playtime. Not challenging or time consuming to earn spending money. Just watch a quick add as many times as you like, and you’re good to go, to decorate as much as you wish. The game control is appropriate, no lag. This game seems too good to be true, I wonder how long this will last until ads or real cash harrassments will become an issue. Until then, if you just want to get to the nitty gritty of decorating, this is it guys!

I like that you can earn coins by watching ads and the ads aren’t that long! I also love that it doesn’t pressure you into buying any perk packs. I like the continuous playing and that you can unlock the next room faster by watching ads. I hate waiting to unlock stuff and is the reason I uninstall most games. The one thing that I find somewhat annoying is the dialog of the characters. I honestly dont even read any of it. There should be button to skip all dialog.

This is a great game! I normally only review a game if it is terrible, but this is an exception. First of all, you don’t have to play those weird mini games to get money, you just have to watch an ad, with a reward of 1200 dollars. Items don’t cost much, and you do end up getting a ton of money from rent, so there isn’t to much watching of ads. Only complaint is that I have completed all, the levels. I will will keep the game, but please add more levels soon.

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