Reversal of Deck – Win battles and progress to new Arenas

[Game] Reversal of Deck

Reversal of DeckEnter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in real-time battles. Start battling against players from around the world!

Choose unique Cards to your Battle Deck and head to the Arena for Battle!
Place your Cards right and knock down the opponent in a strategic match.

Win battles and progress to new Arenas to unlock powerful new Cards to your collection!
Battle your way to the Arena to match against the best players in the world.
Compete for glory and rewards!

Use mastery to empower your deck. When cornered, unleash your arcane to turn the tide.
Gather information and counter your opponent in real-time.

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Reversal of Deck user reviews :

It’s an alright little deck builder with obvious flaws. Overall, I just wish the flow of play and upgrades were each less time consuming. At some point of familiarity, it’s just watching the game happen instead of playing the game—and it’s a PvP (if that) card battler where several layers of luck are already at play—so it feels extra bad to be idle for any unnecessary amount of time. If there was a fast mode queue or something, that would help, but card upgrades also need to be streamlined.

  • Hello dear players, we are sorry for the bad gaming experience. We have already reported it to the team for discussion. You are also welcome to follow the fan page or the official Discord community! Fan page: Discord:

I think the gameplay mechanics with the poker cards and heroes is genius. It seems luck based at first but there’s many strategies to win even with a bad hand, such as arcanes and card swap. Unfortunately the upgrade system with chests is greedy, grindy and kind of ruins the game. Its imposible to focus upgrades on specific cards and you just have to grind chests or pay money for chests. I’m ok spending a couple dollars to make the game ad free but progress shouldn’t be tied to money.

Had fun until I got to arena 14. It feels like the game severely skewed the system’s rng. At about 5k points I played a match that resulted in me getting all in’d 2 rounds in a row without any card swaps or abilities used and automatically lost. Next game I got all in’d 3 times almost in a row, not cool

Great idea – but the cost to upgrade cards is too much by the 3rd tier, and not much to accomplish after Arena 15 or 5K points… This is definitely pay to win, and the skill effects are a bit redundant in clusters. Most characters are worthless

It’s great, though rng can be a nightmare. The problems are chests and balance. Waiting 3 hours for a silver chest and can be up to 12+ hours for the others. Makes sitting and enjoying the game not feasible. Especially since silver chests give next to nothing.

Edit: No bugs, everything has ran smooth so far. Very fast paced matches so it’s great to pump out matches quickly in between important life tasks. Has good looking characters and art. The whole deck building, skill implementation, RNG, with the ability to upgrade cards as well and then add poker on top of it with a twist is pretty creative and I think it has good potential for card game enjoyers. Updated: if there was a global chat I think it would be a huge improvement

  • Hello dear player! Thank you for your love of the game! We will continue to maintain the quality of the game and provide our players with a high-quality gaming environment. You are also welcome to follow the fan page or the official Discord community! Fan page: Discord:

It’s marvel snap but with anime heroes. Matchmaking is broken and huge pay to win. One of the units in the first purchase does 7200 damage on turn one if you win with her. You start off with 9,000 HP. The tutorial says you can move your cards anywhere to form new hands but half the time the game says no and forces you to select 1/3 presets or forfeit the round cause it will select units at random even if their unique ability won’t activate. This is a game of wallet not of skill.

  • Hello dear players, we are sorry for giving you a bad gaming experience. We have already reported it to the team for discussion. In addition, our cards are all randomized~ You are also welcome to follow the fan page or the official Discord community! Fan page: Discord:

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