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Reverse 1999Reverse: 1999 is a 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG developed by Bluepoch.

On the last day of 1999, the “Storm” fell upon the world. You witnessed an era reversed beneath the rising raindrops. Defying all reasons, what unfolds in front of you is the world of an era long past.

As the Timekeeper, observer of eras, you are free to travel through these eras after each “Storm.” With the aid of Sonetto, a powerful Arcanist and ally from the Foundation, your mission is to travel through eras to where the “Storm” is most active, find other Arcanists who can sense the coming “Storm,” and save them from being “sifted out” of the timeline.

Stunning Visuals Blending Retro and Modern Aesthetics
Step into the mysterious alt-history animated by unique visual elements that blend Pop Art, classical oil painting, and more art styles in history.

A Cinematic Adventure across the 20th Century
From the Roaring ’20s to the turn of the millennium, you will embark on a journey across time and space, and uncover the truth about the “Storm” and the mystery of the year 1999.

Full English Voice Acting with Authentic Accents
Immerse yourself in ages past. Enjoy a story performed by diverse cast of voice actors with British, Italian, French, and other accents.

Fantastic Arcanists from Different Times and Regions
People once called them “mages,” “wizards,” and “freaks.” Now they live in uneasy coexistence with regular humans … But who are the Arcanists, really?

Weave Arcane Incantations to Attain Glorious Victories
Build your team, cast spells, and use gorgeous arcane skills to defeat your enemies. Begin your exciting adventure through time in this all-new RPG.

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Reverse 1999 user reviews :

I love the game so far, the style, the story, the game play! When in the level map, could you add a little yellow dot to the corner of the level name so I can know there’s a side trial to complete if I don’t see it right away? Some side paths show up *after* I’ve completed some levels, so without indication, I wouldn’t check. Please, and thank you for a wonderful game, I love Zima!

My first time playing, but it had a very long introduction. The beginning is supposed to be a tutorial but we’re kind of forced to play through the story mode. There is a skip button, but for first timer to this game, why would we want to skip? When I finally got to interact with the game (besides the combat in the “tutorial”), I’m again stuck with the choice to begin on a new story? I really don’t want to keep playing through a linear storyline or long chapters

A pretty great game so far; interesting gameplay, but the plotline and characters seem to be the main draw. My only problem is with the translation; some people think it may be because it uses MTL, but I think it just needs polish. It’s not too bad, just a little stilted with poor grammar at some points. Hopefully it will be improved for future updates.

although the game has just been released in global server, it definitely exceeded my expectations! even at the prologue the graphics, voice acting, and animation were already incredible. the gameplay is also interesting but not too complicated. another feature i like is that it provides a summary of a certain story level when you press the skip button. looking forward to how this game will continue to develop from here on out!

A very fun game gameplay wise and has very well designed characters. I’ve been playing for about 5 hours so far and have beening having a great time. The problem, however, is the English voice acting is very poor, so much so that I opted to switch to Japanese voices just under an hour into the game, and is the main reason Im leaving this review. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem that can just be fixed, so I doubt I’m ever going back to English voices again. Even with this, It’s still very fun.

First impression of the game was absolutely excellent, the story gives me a curiosity in mind, that makes me want to continue playing this game. “I’ll come back rating it again” to adds up, the performance of the game was also great, but not sure to others, I don’t have any errors despite the great visuals, graphics and having a mid end phone.

Reverse 1999 has good art direction, gameplay design and a fun premise. Ruined by a terrible english localisation (grammar and odd choice of words) . It is to the point where I wonder if even the voices are A.I. driven. It is difficult to keep going as I feel my mind getting damaged trying to decipher what is bad localisation or just part of the fantasy story. I think my breaking point was having a bomb be described as undirectional in its targets. I wonder if the other languages were okay.

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