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[Game] Road Warrior – Combat Racing

Road Warrior  Road Warrior is is a free to play online multiplayer combat racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world where drivers have customized cars armed with arsenals of weapons to give each racer a competitive advantage.

The goal is to win the race by successfully maneuvering the racetrack with numerous stunts, avoid being blown up, use your weapons to get ahead, and win the race.

Players get to unlock and race customizable cars that can be equipped with deadly weapons and blow up their competitors.


Play battle races against people all over the world in a real-time multiplayer game.
Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings.
Unlock and collect new, powerful cars from sedans to massive trucks – each with an exclusive weapon and special ability.
Upgrade and customize your car with items and skins to proudly showcase to your opponents.
Execute perfect flips to gain boost.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Soundtrack.

Look out for new Cars, Skins, Maps, Special Events and Games Modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Road Warrior is completely free to play, but in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use or let someone else use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Road Warrior user reviews :

One of the funest story mode and multiplayer racing games I’ve ever played on a mobile phone. (Similar to twisted metal except it’s 2D) Enjoy!

It’s great. I hope I will see long and great tracks like the old road warrior game. And can you please add a story mode to this game?

Great game, but this just doesn’t feel the same. When I played the original like 8 years ago, I remember being able to hit 6 flips in a row for an enormous boost. I mean, I just started, so we’ll see. Plus, I really liked how the weapons were allowed on all the cars.

Sure loved the original road warrior, when it was taken down i spent every month trying to find it to this day but i must say, i know its not the original… But,… If you guys are able to make it just like the original and add onto it with newer tech,… Its a gerented that your fan base will defenetly come back 110% With no questions asked

Cool game…..only thing I don’t like is not having a little more firepower when you get in front of someone and a quick boost turbo button (like 1 shot per race) would be nice. But other than that stuff, cool game.

Ahhh just like old times that classic voice lmaooo. I love the multiplayer option,i understand the games still new and has lots of room for improvement,but overall, awesome game! Imagine the rush to get this game when everyone discovers its back!
  • Rusty Harpy: Best Racing Games
  • Thank you very much! We will be launching many features yet !!

Ehh kinda fun, but I miss the old one, where there was more cars, and u could purchase more cars.

Very similar to the game I was looking for, I really like it, I recommend it to anyone who has played the first before.

The game used to be funner in its old model, less lag, offline gameplay, better mechanics, map voting, and the “CHOOSE YOUR CARR”

Dude this game is just amazing i really hope you all could add some more cars especially the boss cars such as the Thunder God from the previous game

To be honest the new version of this game looks like cartoon and the last version of it was much better
  • Rusty Harpy: Best Racing Games
  • Honestly do you think the game even being worse than other versions will only be 1 star? Describe what you didn’t like, the game is still very new, we still have a lot to improve

Its an amazing game to play, i wish there would be more vehicles in the future

Great game, lots of fun. New stages would be great!
  • Rusty Harpy: Best Racing Games
  • We are working on 7 new stages in a complete new environment.
I’m glad that it’s back but I really liked the original one more.
  • Rusty Harpy: Best Racing Games
  • Thanks for the review. The game is very recent, we still want to bring a lot! I hope that in the future it will be a 5 star game for you. If you want, send us what you would like to have in the game
Amazing gameplay, sadly it’s online pvp with the garbage pay2win monetization that’s characteristic for this model. Take the gameplay out, fit it on a single player experience and you get a premium game worth paying for. Until then it’s an uninstall, almost only 3 stars worth (but the gameplay and execution is really good, so gotta be fair). It’s a shame, I’ve been even following you on the unity subs and was looking forward for a proper experience, that the game deserves.
  • Rusty Harpy: Best Racing Games
  • Thanks for the review. We launched them yesterday, the game still has a lot to grow and an offline option is in our plans, but as we are only in two, the development takes a while.

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