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Roadtrippers, the #1 road trip planning app, now includes the patent-pending AI-powered trip wizard: Roadtrippers Autopilot™. Whether you’re RVing on your annual campground trip, or planning a weekend trip at a boutique hotel, Roadtrippers Autopilot™ uses the knowledge of over 38 million trips to help get you there. And, with the newly added features from Campendium, Roadtrippers will be your go-to app for planning epic road trips and finding the perfect camping spots.


∙ Campground Reviews and Insights: Dive into over 150,000 campground reviews, offering perspectives for RVers and campers alike. Discover the best spots, from swanky RV parks to serene, free remote destinations.
∙ Comprehensive Map Overlays: Find the perfect campgrounds with ease using overlays for public land, cell coverage, and wildfire smoke, ensuring you’re always informed and prepared.
∙ Advanced Filtering Options: Tailor your search with new filtering capabilities, including cell service and elevation, to find your ideal campsite every time.


∙ Epic Routes and Places: Uncover millions of unique places, from quirky roadside attractions to breathtaking national parks. Get inspired by pre-made trip guides for once-in-a-lifetime routes.
∙ Customizable Planning: Start with up to three stops or upgrade to add up to 150 stops per trip with our Premium membership. Enjoy RV-friendly GPS navigation, offline maps, trip collaboration, and more.
∙ Seamless Syncing and Navigation: Your saved trips and favorite places sync across devices. Hit the road with confidence using CarPlay for easy navigation.


Merging the spirit of Campendium with Roadtrippers, we invite you to embark on road trips and camping adventures that you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re mapping out a weekend getaway or a cross-country journey, Roadtrippers is here to guide you every mile and every campsite along the way.

Download Roadtrippers today and transform your travel dreams into reality. Your next epic adventure awaits!

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The app was great for finding fun things off the beaten track, and things that are free, yay. The 2 things I dislike are that the blue route line covers up the highway numbers. That is very poor map style. The other is that navigation doesn’t have the option to always have North at the top. Without that option, I can’t easily tell which direction I’m heading. Yuk.

  • Hi Sandy – We’re sorry the route line is covering highway markings. We’re working to resolve that bug ASAP! I’ve added your vote to a request to orient always north while navigating. If you have any other requests or issues, please reach out to our support team – we’d love to hear them and help you out!

I downloaded this app to compare it to Wanderlog for a 12,000kms road trip across the US and Canada. It looked nice and had some great features but ultimately I didn’t even bother signing up for the free trial because it has no integration with Google Maps or Android Auto, leaving me to mount my phone to the dash and use another screen. This lack of functionality with modern vehicles seems like a big miss. $90/year is too much for this lack of functionality.

  • Hi Steve – We hope to roll out Android Auto support soon, and I have noted your desire for that feature! Happy travels!

Since the update a few months back this app is basically useless. I have premium because I loved the free version years ago and figured it could only be awesome. I’ve been on 3 road trips since buying premium 3 months ago and have been so frustrated with the app that I have used other apps to plan my trips. Google maps is better than this Roadtrippers. I’d rather go back to the free version I had 3 years ago. It makes me sad. I had really high hopes.

  • Hi Ashlee – We’re sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty using Roadtrippers recently. Please reach out to our support team – they’d love to help you through any hurdles you’re encountering! They can be reached at support[at]

Not impressed with AI planning. I used to use RoadTripper and Campendium side by side. Now the two have joined and neither is useful to me. They now seem to primarily focus on advertising various venues. I want focus on RV campgrounds. I don’t need hotel and restaurants. Very disappointed with Roadtripper. Won’t be renewing.

  • Hi Blaise – we’re sorry you’re having trouble finding RV camping in Roadtrippers. RV parks are located in the Places to Camp category, so please apply that to your trip!

It’s a wonderful app. The subscription is around $30 and lasts for a year with no limit to the trips you can plan!!!! It has sections for reservations and budgets and custom notes so you can indicate what you’ve already paid for. I highly recommend it. Excellent trip planning app especially for many stops, hotels, etc. the planners dream. Get on it before they figure out it’s worth more!!!!

  • We truly appreciate your detailed and enthusiastic feedback! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the app’s features, including the subscription benefits and various planning sections. Happy travels and thank you for recommending us!

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