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[Game] Rogue Land

Rogue Land  Welcome Hero!

An ancient evil is flooding the world with monsters. A band of heroes must harness the power of the elements as they fight they’re way to the source of evil! Join them now and forge your legend!

As lone Hero, you will face great dangers and traps, earn fabulous rewards, and discover tremendous power!

Use your skills, a combination of many different items and artefacts, choose from different abilities to create the ultimate Hero to conquer them all!

Rogue Land is an amazing 3D mobile game with a dynamic world map. Search every corner for untold treasure. Choose your path through the land and dungeons and face new adventure wherever you go: hordes of enemies and enormous piles of treasure are waiting!

Key Features:

Easy to play: a fast-paced game with no unnecessary rules
Heroes with unique Skills and Abilities
Weapons and Gear with unique functionalities
Adventure and Side Quest game modes
Evolving content in a dynamic world map
Face different monsters and fierce Bosses!
Regular updates and new content guaranteed
Endless Rewards for your skills and exploration

Be brave, be bold! Don’t wait, don’t waste any more time. Take your Bow, Sword and Magic. Embrace your Skills, and go meet your destiny! See you in Rogue Land!

To make sure you don’t lose progress, remember to back up your game progress using your device backup systems!

Rogue Land user reviews :

The game is really good in general. But the aiming system and npc collisions ruins it really hard. Your hero will aim to the closest enemy even if he is behind the wall, which is understandable for splash weapons, but the game should understand if I can hit the enemy. Otherwise you just die to the melee enemy while your hero shoot the wall… Also big groups of mobs push each others to your direction, which makes impossible to avoid any attack.

Hadn’t played in a while (a year or more, I believe), and when restarting, I lost the huge amount of progress I had made in the past. *However*, the game has improved, and is a pleasure to play- so I just decided to start over, and build my account up all over again. =] Doing so has been a good time, and though it’s tough to start over, I have a feeling the things I had wouldn’t *fit* into this updated version somehow. All is good. Great game! Only downside is the price of alt. characters.

Like the game, but support is non-existent. Update: Support has been more responsive and it helps. I play this a lot, but my only real complaint is the sword. Practically useless to be honest. You have to get close to the enemy yet their weapons are always the same so it is never a fair fight. Real difficult especially as the levels get tougher. Fun game though
  • Huuuge Games – Play Together
  • Hi, thanks for reaching out. If you can give more info on the issue you’ve encountered, our Support Team would be happy to help. You can contact them through the game Settings or at rogueland[at] Looking forward to your message!

Great game. I would like to see more characters. More weapons – maybe a oversized axe wielder, an assassin should be a knife thrower, a hunter/explorer with a whip (steel with thorns for another character, like a slayer), molotovs (I dunno) – get creative. Would also like to see new enemies. Maybe hooded with no faces and red eyes with a certain ability and yet another with yellow eyes with another ability. Otherwise, this game is solid. Hopefully there’s more coming.

Game has simple, intuitive controls and a satisfying core gameplay loop. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it’s packaging it in a very attractive, tightly woven package. You move with one thumb, it auto aims your attacks, and you collect upgrades to beat enemies. Very well done!

Game has balancing issues between weapons, characters, and skills. As I play the game more and more, my score just keeps going down. Now that I’m past world 1, everything is so tanky that you’re basically forced to grind or pay real money for stronger stats. Was fun for a bit, but the pay2win system isjust impossible to ignore at this point. More like, pay to not hate the game. Still, the beginning was kinda fun.

Game is addicting.. two things tho why i left 3stars. Aim mechanics is a bit rubbish. Character will aim enemies closer to them even tho it’s hiding behind an obstacle, instead of an open enemy within your range. Also, ranged enemies are so OP, specially those mage trolls/goblin that has a wide spread of attack, low recoil time, and high hp/armor. Pls think about an adjustment for these two, and the game will be perfect.

Latest Update :

This version brings minor improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you all for helping us improve Rogue Land. We would love to hear feedback through reviews or the “Support” button in the game!

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