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[Game] Rolling Mouse

Rolling MouseBrief explanation of Rolling Mouse

Various hamster friends
Collect a total of 15 animals. House mouse, panda mouse, squirrel, roborovskii, golden hamster, mouse, dwarf hamster, guinea pig, hedgehog, gerbil, flying squirrel, rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla and Capybara friends will join you.
The more the animals you collect, the more electricity you produce.

Electricity generation

Tap: Make electricity by tap the screen. Tap efficiency increases when the treadwheel level increases.
Animal: Electricity generation per second inclines when the animal level goes up.
Part-time job: Available from animal level 50. Your profit increases with the increase in the number of times you do a part-time job.
Land, landmark: The price rises slowly since you purchase it, and you can make profit by selling it.

Decorations / Stats of all your items will be summed up and reflected in!
Costume: Increases the stats of an animal.
Interior: An animal’s stats go up as it moves to a better house.
Food bowl: Increases the buff duration.

Sunflower farm
Sunflower seeds are high-value goods.
If you raise sunflowers in the sunflower farm, you can harvest seeds after a period of time.
Gather the harvested seeds and purchase various decorations.

Secret fun
Tap or drag animals resting on the floor.
If you put a costume on an animal, it will act differently.
Sometimes, hamster friends get scared when a cat comes in. Tap the cat and drive it out of the house.
A spider that moves without making a sound takes hamster friends away. A lucky bag will drop if you touch the spider and chase it off.

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Rolling Mouse user reviews :

I love this game! I play it everyday, anytime I’m bored in class or just at laying down at home. My only issue is that sunflower button. That damn sunflower button. The transition to the next screen is soooo slow. Sometimes I’ll miss the growth button and hit the sunflower, and that whole system of clicking it again just to get back is a bit irritating. Please fix the speed of the transition slides. :) Thank you for a fun time waster, and little friends.

love it, I honestly do love this game. I’ve started it on my boyfriend’s phone and the next day downloaded it on my phone, constantly playing it. it’s so cute!! good job!

I love this game its sooo cute and addicting also I got my best freind addicted to but I loveeee this game its SOOO fun I recommend downloading this game also it kills soo much time and its not just a little clicker game it has sad story’s for every animal :( witch make the game so much role play! and growing sunflower to get seeds and also the costumes are SUPER cute and I really really really really really recommend you download this awesome cute clicker game an I hope you have a very fun time

Fun, adorable and addictive. Collecting all the little critters and dressing them up is a cute little side element.

This game is very fun for me.(I’m very lonely before)…All the mouse are very cute! Now I know there are so lots type of mouse.I love this game so friggin much! :)

I love this game it is so cute but if you want costumes for your pets you have to buy them with real money but i do recommend this game.

This game is really cute. But, I wish I didn’t have to watch adds to refill my mouses’ food and water. Instead of having to watch an add, you should be able to pay for food or feed your mice sunflower seeds. Also, it takes too long to grow a sunflower and you need the seeds to buy a lot of things in the game. This game is good overall but would be more enjoyable if these things were fixed.

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