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Roto ForceRoto Force is a high-energy 2D bullet-hell that combines fast-paced action with challenging gameplay. This twin-stick shooter will test your skill and reflexes in 9 different places with unique design filled with enemies and obstacles!

Roto Force is free-to-try, an in-app purchase is required to unlock the full game.

As an intern of the Roto Force, you’ll embark on multiple missions to fulfill your boss’s whims. The game’s different worlds take you through a variety of environments, from a dangerous jungle to a city of slime and beyond.

To overcome these challenges, you’ll unlock new weapons with unique shot styles that will let you shoot and spin your way through the game’s colorful landscapes.
In addition to the game’s main levels, Roto Force also features 10 challenging boss fights. These battles are the ultimate test of your skills, requiring quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise timing to defeat.

So fill in the form, and start your internship in the Roto Force right now!

What’s in the game:

Simple controls
A pumpin’ Soundtrack
9 weapons that provide different playstyles
About 30 Mini-Bosses and 10 regular sized Bosses
Can be played through in an afternoon, or a weekend, or a week… (depends on your skill)
Higher Difficulty Mode can be unlocked (if you really want)
Generous Accessibility Options (slow down game speed, increase damage, immortality)

What’s not in the game:
No procedural generation
No more than 4 colours at a time

A small game, made with love by a small team.

Roto Force user reviews :

This game is a Demo, I will write my review about my experience on it… I have completed the demo and I have not experienced any bugs or errors. The visuals are very good, as well as the controls and audio. Maybe adding a new control layout (maybe like a Joystick) would be nice. Adding new songs would also be very much appriciated as well as adding new weapons and abilities. I may be purchasing the game whenever it is out of early access since it’s pretty good!

I forgot I had enlisted to download the demo on release, and played it today out of curiosity. Really fun stuff! Lots of neat little details on the menu and in the options to toy with including accessibility options. The game itself plays very well, it’s fast and the visuals read very well even with the ever-changing color palette. I think I’m gonna purchase this on Steam and finish it.

This game has only been out for a few hours when I’m writing this and it’s already one my favorite games. I’ve been tired of playing competitive multiplayer games where every player you play against has over a hundred hours in the game. But I was missing a casual game to play but this was the perfect casual game for me. The unique and classic arcade like gameplay and the simple yet cute designs and of course we can’t forget the beautiful yet simple art style. But Ived reached the letter limit

FYI: only played the first level so far I think this is an amazing game for mobile. I struggle to find mobile games that aren’t idle or tycoon games or massive time investments that done keep you engaged, or games that are either not made to be or on a phone or games that because they are on a phone, make themselves way too simple. This game is engaging and doesn’t rely on repeated content to have great content. The art style is amazing, music is cool and fits well. Controls are responsive.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best games I’ve played recently. The gameplay is fast-paced and fun, the boss designs are SO unique, and you can make the game as challenging or easy as you want thanks to the accessibility settings. If you like challenging arcade’ish experiences, I’d definitely recommend it!

Very good game, even if you dont buy the full version. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and it sounds like a classic game you would play on an old nintendo console. The weapons are good to use and not one seems like a weapon i dont want to use. And the difficulty is very fair; not too hard, but not too easy either.

Amazing game! It’s got everything going for it. The presentation, the arcade feel, the intuitive controls (very hard on android games), the sound effects are all so creative and well designed. It’s baffling why this is free. Will be my most played android game along with downwell

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