Sally’s Salon Beauty Secrets – Looking for a new hairdo

[Game] Sally’s Salon Beauty Secrets

Sally's Salon Beauty Secrets

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Looking for a new hairdo? Want to get your nails done? Need some special make up? There’s no better place in Snuggford than Sally’s Salon!

It’s unlikely, but in case you haven’t heard of me… I’m beautician Sally! I’m on a mission to beautify women across the globe – all while searching for my long lost love. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Join me and the hilarious François on this unforgettable journey!

BECOME AN AMAZING BEAUTICIAN and learn from the best (me!) during this hair-raising adventure
PLAY 60 TIME MANAGEMENT LEVELS, and 18 extra bonus levels, as we run unique salons across 6 exotic chapters
HELP ME PERFORM BEAUTY TREATMENTS as we search for my long lost love, the famous singer Julio (He’s so cute!)
DISCOVER 12 MINI-GAMES and improve your beautician skills as we cut hair, apply face masks and match make up
MEET FRANCOIS, MY RIGHT-HAND MAN – funny, clumsy, and you all know him from the Delicious Emily hit series
IMPROVE OUR SALONS so we get special upgrades and products
ENJOY MANY GUEST APPEARANCES from stars of the other GameHouse Original Stories (I do everyone’s hair!)
COLLECT ALL THE TROPHIES to discover special beauty items, and earn all the diamonds and I’ll share my memories of Julio

I’m back!!!!

Business is booming and I need an extra pair of hands! François and I could use your help making the town a little more beautiful, one treatment at a time.  Especially now some breaking news has left me bursting with excitement!!

You won’t believe this, but it turns out my favorite singer and long-time crush Julio  will be performing his farewell concert near Snuggford! As one of his biggest fans, I couldn’t be more thrilled. But there’s more. Can I let you in on a big secret? What nobody knows is that Julio and I had a summer romance 20 years ago! (shhh…)

But I’m afraid it might be too good to be true. Just now that I’m convinced we’d be able to rekindle our romance… Disaster strikes! Julio’s plane seems to be missing on its way to the concert.

But I’m not giving up! I’m determined to find him, so François and I are going to set off on an incredible search! But not without you! Right? Right?

Fix your hair up pretty, put some make up on, pack your nicest dress, and join us on our hair-curling time management adventure!

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Sally’s Salon Beauty Secrets user reviews :

I installed this game again and this time the ads loaded! The game was super fun. Sometimes it lags on the more difficult levels, but it was still fun. This version of the Sally series has the right level of challenge (not always ridiculously easy). The story is still kind of lame, but not as ridiculous and annoying as the other Sally game. Even though it’s not perfect, I REALLY enjoyed playing it and am upgrading my 1 stay rating to 5!!!!

I want to like this game as I played the original waaaay back when. However you will reach a level that you can’t complete the challenge. You can get 3 stars and find Carl but that’s it. The challenge is too difficult even on normal mode to get that diamond. Plus I can’t figure out why only levels 1-3 are green with the 4 leaf clover. None of the later levels look like that. I’ve replayed them to see if I missed something but don’t know why they are like that. 2 star for being somewhat enjoyable

Why there must add level easy, medium, and expert? Its not effective. The game pretty fun, but i guess they need to consider to be one level at a time. like, level 1 would be easy, level 10 would be medium, and on… and need to increase the graphic would be nice

I love playing all the Sally games this one is a good game just has a few issues which are annoying and causes you not to be able to properly play the game. I am at the Steam Spa level one and you have to fill the bottle with the oils but it doesn’t work. I have done it over and over again and it isn’t working. I fill the bottle correctly and it doesn’t take it. Also gameplay is lagging goes very slow at times.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I am sorry for this issue. Can you please write to us at with the exact issue you are having so we can look into this? Please also include the device you use and the Android version it has. Thanks for your help! Kind regards, GameHouse

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