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Samsung Camera ManagerSamsung Camera Manager : Compatible models

NX1, NX500 (and latest Samsung Cameras featuring both bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Samsung Camera Manager works in conjunction with the latest wireless sharing features found in the newest Samsung Smart Cameras including the NX1.

With this app installed, your smart camera and mobile device are easily paired for fast and easy image sharing.

Main features

1. Quick connection between Samsung Smart Camera and mobile devices
Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices can always be connected
2. MobileLink
Copy selected photos from the Samsung Smart Camera to the mobile device
Upload & share photos taken by the Samsung Smart Camera via the mobile device
3. Remote Viewfinder (Pro)
See the live view of the Samsung Smart Camera on your mobile device
Remotely control & operate the Samsung Smart Camera from your mobile device
4. Quick Transfer
Transfer thumbnail images to mobile device instantly after taking picture
5. Auto GPS Tagging
Automatically add GPS data to images taken by the Samsung Smart Camera when the smart camera and mobile device are connected
6. Auto Time Setting
Automatic date and time setting on the Samsung Smart Camera via GPS data received from the connected mobile device
no need to set the date and time even when traveling abroad

System requirements
You can use this application on Android phones with Android OS 4.2.2 or later
This application is not available for some Android devices
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
The latest Samsung Galaxy phone is recommended for best connection speeds


If you experience issues connecting the camera with your smartphone on Android OS version 4.2.2 or higher, the following should correct the issue.

(Note, the menus and options may vary depending on the smartphone manufacturer and telecom operator)

Go to: Settings → Wi-Fi → Advanced.

From there make sure “Auto switch between Wi-Fi networks and mobile networks” is not checked.
This option may be titled “Auto network switch” or “Check for Internet service” depending on OS version and telecom operator. With this option not selected the issue should be corrected.

Samsung Camera Manager user reviews :

Please Samsung, release this app as OpenSource so the loyal NX community can finally fix it and keep updating it!!! Other annoying issues: 1) location tag has to be enabled, under settings, every time you run the app and it DOES NOT update the location as the phone moves, tagging all session photos with the same location even after closing the app. 2) “Quick Transfer” receives images sent by the camera, and allows to share them but to delete them is not obvious (no “delete button” )

Thank God they brought it back Transferring photos without this is a huge hassle, thank you for bringing it back

Thank you for updating! Works well with my NX500 again, thank you!

Thank you Samsung for keeping this application running

You should keep the NX line going

Contact developer :


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