Sector Strike – Battle through relentless waves of AI drones

[Game] Sector Strike

Sector StrikeA futuristic shoot ’em up designed to challenge your reflexes and wits. Sector Strike combines the mechanics of old school space shooters and the aesthetics of modern 3D games.

Great for fans of bullet hell games!

Battle through relentless waves of AI drones in a campaign that will take you through 4 unique environments. Earn credits and upgrade your ship with new weapons, equipment, and abilities.

ADDICTIVE power-up system that will keep you coming back for more

UPGRADE your ship with over 20 weapons and abilities such as hellfire missiles and call for reinforcements.

ADVANCED GRAPHICS that will take advantage of your new mobile device

CLASSIC space shooter game mechanics familiar to retro gamers and fans of the shoot em up / bullet hell genre

ACHIEVEMENTS to challenge your shoot’ em skills

PILOT 4 different ship classes


COMPATIBLE with older devices like the Galaxy Ace

SMALL download size


Sector Strike user reviews :

Anyone complaining about how hard this game is is a modern day snowflake. This is the way games used to be kids, you had to work your azz off to win, they didn’t just give everyone a trophy! The option to pay is there because you suck and are too pampered. Does need update to fix some graphical glitches. A remaster to make it better, more levels etc would be nice. This is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played on a phone, install it on every one, been playing it since it first came out.

Super fun, but has a frustrating grind mechanic. If you get stuck on a level that’s too hard and you’re not picking up much gold per run it takes forever to scrounge up enough cash for an upgrade to pass the level, due to being unable to run an older map a couple times for cash. However, the game is so good that it still gets five stars.

Been playing this one off and on for a couple years. It’s still very enjoyable as a side-scrolling shmup, love the action, challenge and good graphics. My only complaint would be that progress slows to a crawl later in the game due to upgrades becoming ridiculously expensive, but still a really fun action game.

Overall great game in my opinion. This game is a good challenge and a pretty fun pastime. Due to the challenging parts of the game, you do have to grind to upgrade your ship. I suggest staying on levels here and there and purposely dying but also getting credits. Its a sad sight to see that the devs haven’t updated in a long time.

This is actually an extremely well crafted piece of equipment. The retro-style “lose power on hit” idea is very well implemented. Bullet speed and quantity are very carefully balanced, so the game might be tough, but not frustrating. Enemies are cute! Upgrade system is simple, but inspiring. Some grinding seem to be required for me to up power for easier enemy extinguishing starting from level 35, but it’s still pretty fun to play. And, of course – no ads. I hate ads and if I can’t get rid of them, usually I get rid of the game instead. Some IAP to support devs, not required to finish the game. Once I’m done with the game, I’ll probably consider buying one of the packs to support great devs.

You die so easy at first, gotta kill more enemies to build your shield up. I found it quite challenging. Biggest complaint is that levels and enemies are pretty similar, No bosses. Also no cloud save, so if uninstalled or switch phones no progress save. But its free with no ads, check it out.

This game is one of the best bullet hell plane shoot em ups to ever exist also its called bullet hell cuz its hard as hell and yeah the game is pretty enjoyable for me its really hard to win in the endgame stages but once you complete the levels it really congrats you with alot of credits and also dopamine! So yeah give this game a try if you like hard shmups cuz this game is one of that! And also the soundtracks are a freaking bop! Love the soundtracks really drives the game!

Very amazing game, better bullet storm than the popular alien shooter IMO! Can be played vertically if you choose. After sector 30 I started focusing on dodging bullets only looking at my ship (what makes it better than others) whilst dodging I manage to destroy ships without aiming haha amazing game, much slower and randomly scattered bullets unlike most they mainly go in a downward motion which is boring not to mention homing rockets coming at ya! 6/5 recommend for an actual bulletstorm game!

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