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[Game] SenSense

SenSenseSenSense : Yup. Three players. No more, no less. You cannot play Sen Sense alone. Don’t have two friends handy? No problem! You don’t need to be in the same physical location, you just need visual and audio contact. Connect via group video chat on another device and you’re good to go.
(Still looking for players? Try dropping a message on the Facebook page… maybe someone will respond.)

Without the room! Sen Sense does not try to copy a physical room in any way. Rather, it focuses on the multiplayer and puzzle solving aspects of an escape game: you get to feel the manic shared energy as you race the clock to piece together clues, in search of those satisfying “aha” moments when everything clicks into place.

Puzzle game:
Sen Sense is a series of multiplayer challenges. In each challenge, each player will receive a different piece of the same puzzle. You will need to work together to solve it. Each of you is essential to the solution.

Oh, and one last thing… one of you will be deaf; one of you will be blind; one of you may not speak.

SenSense user reviews :

Find two more people and try out this game! It will have all of you scratching your heads in puzzlement, frantically signing and shouting at each other, and feeling like geniuses when you finally figure it out.

The gameplay is unique and really fun to play with friends. I was not really a fan of the time limits and would have liked to see a greater variety of puzzles. Overall though I really enjoyed it. If there was a sequel I would definitely buy it.
  • Just SoJanuary 31, 2019
  • Hey Ben. Thanks for the awesome feedback and congratulations on finishing all 21 levels! Drop me a message on the facebook page if you’re bursting with ideas for a SenSense sequel or if you’d like to be part of any future beta test programs. :) Thanks for playing! Justin

Such a great game! Not just stuck in your phone, it makes you interact with other players and use your senses. The most analogue mobile phone game :) Grab 2 buddies and get playing. You definitely won’t regret it.

excellent 3 player experience. highly recommend if you have headphones. a mini escape room built in an app.

Hours of fun, and exceptionally well designed

Epic multiplayer game. Needs 3 people to play but also really funny to watch friends figure stuff out. Cool concept – I am really enjoying the expansion puzzles.

What a good idea. Team work and fun. Definitely a great game.

A fun co-op game!

Amazing game

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