Shadow Legends – Fight for the freedom of Aurora

[Game] Shadow Legends – Death Knight

Shadow Legends

Shadow Legends: Dark Fantasy Fighting Action RPG Games.

Fight Against The Soul Knight In An Infinity War with Stickman Fighting Games gameplay and Shadow Fight art style is waiting for your adventure.

Aurora used to be a city of magic and swordsmanship until King Luther XV brought an apocalypse and shadow legion to the entire citizens of Aurora to make them go through the darkness era. Become a Soul Ninja Knight and fight for the freedom of Aurora against the Immortal Diablo!

Shadow Legends is the evolution of stickman games and Action RPG Adventure Games genre. Fight Now and Become the Shadow Legends in this Stickman Action Games

Action RPG Games Dark Fantasy Hack ‘n’ Slash World
Become a shadow hero on the road to free Aurora from the darkness of King Luther XV.

New Feature in Forge System
Enhance equipment with essences and blood to increase power, Ascend equipment by using duplicated equipment to ascend mastery level and claim skills points, Imbue equipment is using skills point from Ascend to upgrade power of skills in each equipment.

Summon The Aeon
Arise powerful shadow companions on the way to slaughter all the demons. Your shadow companion has many kinds of power from pure physical strength to archmage.

Diverse Fighting Styles
Play as Knight hunter, Assassin, Guardian, Mage,… by collecting hundreds of weapons and armors set to build your own way of fighting against the shadow legion.

Conquer The Mighty Blood Tower
More than 100 floors with infinite demons and monsters are waiting for you.

Defeat The Shadow
Defeat your own shadow in PvP shadow fight gameplay to ascend your power through life and death combats.

Amazing & Epic Costumes of warriors
Transform into Ash Knight, Guard Captain, Raven Assassin, Undying Crusader, Rift Warden,… with breathtaking visual effects and appearance.

Join the battle of Shadow Action RPG fighting games now and play anytime, anywhere with this offline games
It is ideal to play Shadow Legends on a device with 4GB RAM or higher.

If you are playing on a device with less RAM, you will encounter unsatisfying game performance, and we recommend playing on a device that meets the requirements instead.
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Shadow Legends user reviews :

The graphics is awesome!. Custom skills of weapons are pretty good too!. Maybe optimize the game because everytime you tap “next” after the battle ended its just freeze the screen and wait a few seconds to go at the loading screen. Also the UI is pretty plain i think? + the skin designs are kinda bad for me. I know it’s been only days after the release but you know you can do much better for the future updates!. Overall this game is awesome!.

Everything is good. Lots of hack n slash fun. But the event for new character, the spin is terrible. I get the same rewards or it lands before or after the character on the spin. It’s rigged. 5 meat for one stage is ridiculous. Why 5 and not have it cost 1? Makes no sense. Event ticket earned don’t even show up. I’ve played other games like this. Demon Hunter Shadow World is better in every way. Plus the key system actually makes sense. 1 key for normal stages and 5 keys for special stages.

In my experience while playing this game was great. The graphics was nice, gamepasses and everything my only problem in this game is the ads it so annoying please remove those cause it really sucks bruh.

Gameplay and graphics are good, but ads can be annoying. I also had an issue with not receiving spin tickets for the Ardius event when completing challenges.

I like the game its so addictive to play but some reason so many lags and few bugs when i open the game its sometimes crashes please fix the game i loved the game.

i like it ! It has great graphics, characters look awesome and i love there abilities it puts me in remind of MC and God Of War combined

I’ve played this so many times it just gets better and better. If you like combat games then this may be what you like.

Great game! Gangsta combos! all around, just a great game.

been a real Loooooooong Time….Si ce ai have seen such a smoooth playing side stroller.. NICE WORK

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