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[Game] Sheepong

Sheepong  Sheepong’s new journey begins!

Join the heroic journey of Sheepong, a bold lovely teenage sheep, whose mom was taken by wolves. Do you think he’s afraid of them? Not a bit, but he needs your help to guide him through this world full of wonders and troubles! Help this young soul’s family reunion and get all the treasures along the way!

Match 3 or more blocks on the boards to make a match, learn new rules of creating and mixing specials, meet new enemies, interact with various characters and prepare your mind for new exciting missions! A true FUN starts here where this game begins.

Sheepong user reviews :

You will enjoy this one. Its full of challenging fun levels from ” easy peezy” to ” think this one thru” keeps me on my toes 5/26 fun & challegening & funny & addicting all-n-1 A MUST PLAY GAME!!! DONT SEE THIS KIND OF APP OFTEN 10-7-2020 updates are awesome at providing new challenges and keeping the game fresh FOUR SHINING STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ‘go to’ game everytime I sit down with a coffee. I love the ability to roam the game. If you are stuck on a challenging fight you can do other fights/rescues and come back or skip it altogether. Great game! Thanks!

I had an update on the game so I’ve updated it. Now there’s s problem. I have to play the same stage over and over even though i won the stage ? Doesn’t allow you to go to the next stage (even though you WON the previous stage) ……

Good game. I give it 4* because its different and creative. I’m enjoying it so far. Don’t like that the energy only go to 5o even if you find more. What you find you should keep. I’ve only been playing for a day and thats the only thing I don’t like. I really like the creatures, cute and ready to fight. Love when they’re in the space ship. LoL. Little details like that are awesome to me. Love it.

I am getting disappointed with the game app. It should not take a week or two to pass a puzzle level. I am in the tower and I have been stuck on this one level. If a game takes you that long you don’t play the game. I like challenges but this is going to far with the wolf’s. I no longer clear the block for my sheep to move up and the wolf’s have blocked me in and I can’t get out or pass because the wolf’s move faster than you move.

I love playing this game until recently. I am in the temple of jjinshield and cannot get to last two chests and want to be able to continuue. If not for this would rate game higher Will someobe please tell me why I cant get past temple of jjinshield? I am stuck and cant progress till I can please get an answer

I enjoy this game very much. However i wish you could earn multiple boosters/powerups when completing levels & worlds along with coins. The puzzles are challenging & fun…..

Best game ever you don’t have to spend money to advance. I would recommend this game to everyone

The game so far is really fun. I love that there is more to it than just a match game, places to go, things to do. The characters are cute and it’s so well done.

The game could be fun without the story. Thats why im deleating it. I just want to play, not read cartoons.

This game needs more stars very fun easy to play very relaxing love it

Addicting fun and lots of different backgrounds and challanges.

This games da bomb! I laugh everytime I play it!… Smoke a blunt and get lost in the game

The game is fun challenging and rewarding. Best game i have played in a while

Great app! Has all that I think a good match 3 game needs. Different ways to play, difficulty increases and original! What I noticed and like is that if a levels hard and you have to try a few times, the characters aren’t rolling their eyes and looking disgustedly at you! Sheepy’s jumping up and down tormenting the wolves! Oh! We’re gonna get you now. That was a warm up! Good job guys!

This game is awesome. It’s not just another match 3 game. It has original gameplay that doesn’t just copy other games and feels like an old school RPG with its free roaming and collecting treasures. My only complaint is I want more levels!

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