Shiloh and Bros Impostor Chase – Ready for an epic showdown

[Game] Shiloh and Bros Impostor Chase

Shiloh and Bros Impostor Chase   This is Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase!

The Shiloh & Bros crew are ready for an epic showdown of Crew X Impostor in their very own mobile game! Play as your favorite family member and get your tasks done as the crew OR stop them as the impostor!

CREW OR IMPOSTOR – Shiloh, Elijah, Mary, Judah, Daniel, Micah, Britney, and Josiah have tasks to do but surprise, surprise – there’s an Impostor among them! Join the crew as a Friend and finish your tasks OR become the Impostor and cause mayhem!

LOOK GOOD – Collect Hats and Outfits to customize your Crewmate. We have the most fashionable cactus or burger for your head, or just put a bag over it.

GEAR UP – What better way to wreak havoc as an Impostor than to chase everyone with a frying pan or to clobber them with a stop sign.

EPIC BEDROOM – Style your bedroom the way you want, and watch Shiloh and the gang throw down some dance moves.

Join the crew and play Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase now!

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Shiloh and Bros Impostor Chase user reviews :

Honestly such a fun game but I am having a little trouble with the rewards that need you to watch an ad in order to unlock the weapon or the character because it keeps on telling me no ads available even though I am using my internet. But that’s just my experience your’s can be different but you should definitely install it

I normally don’t write reviews but if the game could fix a little issue on the first level after grabbing all the clothes it still has an arrow and I can’t do anything. I believe this is happening to others and I heard people who made it past the first level (idk how) when they be imposters there screen is black and you just hear music anyways I would play this game non stop if you guys could fix this issue im a huge fan of you guys keep up the great work !!

This is an awesome game . It is just the coolest I would have rated it five stars but it sometimes glitches a lot. Overall it is a great game, it is just perfect. But as well as the game, I like the channel too.

This game is best and I loved to play continuously before but now when I reached level 40 like after I finished my task as a crewmate its says to help the crewmate and timer stopped which allows other crewmates to move freely and imposter did not kill any crewmates. It seems that this game is glitch, so please fix it. So once you fixed I’ll rate 5 stars again. Thank you.

I am in love with this game ever since shiloh and bro’s channel made an ad about it I can’t stop playing it. You can customize your room, characters AND THE BEST PART IS YOU CAN EMOTE IN YOUR ROOM!! You can become an imposter and get some cool weapons to get the freinds. I really think you LOVE this game so you should download it

This is a good game but the only reason I gave it three stars is because if an NPC is caught by the imposter you can save them but if you get caught you automatically lose. If you make it to where the player can be saved as well I will give it five stars. But other than that, I recommend downloading this game.

When I watched Shiloh and Bros FNF video I was honestly surprised they had a new mobile game I download it and its honestly really fun and also I’m a big fan of Shiloh and Bros so that’s another reason why I downloaded the game but I have a bit of suggestions: 1.) can you please add the other crew for example William. 2.) can you please add pets and mini crewmates it’d be great if Jocelyn was in the game. 3.) It be cool if you could make your own crew in the game and play as you.

I LOVE THIS GAME ITS SO ADDICTING. At first I was already a shiloh and bros fan and when I found out that they made a game I had to download it. The best part is it doesnt even have many ads which is a common problem in many games thanks to shiloh and bros for creating this!!!

I really like! It’s a lot of fun! Simple but enjoyable! Wouldn’t mind if it got more complex, but it’s a new game so no pressure or anything! You guys are awesome and I love your vids! It would definitely be super if you could get Jocelyn for Micah though!

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