Shogun Empire – The Empire of Japan is tearing itself apart

[Game] Shogun Empire – Hex Commander

Shogun Empire  The Empire of Japan is tearing itself apart.

Fights are constantly breaking out between its provinces. The reign of your clan begins — become Shogun, ultimate ruler of the Medieval Japan.
Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander is a turn-based strategy game with multi-layered gameplay mechanics.


Choose from dozens of campaigns built around 15 historical clans. Conquer provinces and gain access to new type of units and strengthen your position in the region.
Make alliances, declare wars and maintain your honor level to get better prices and respect amongst your neighbours.
Create a strong economy and provide food for your troops, upgrade provinces to ultimately build an unstoppable army.


Recruit ashigaru, well-trained samurai or elite ninjas. Create an army that suits your tactics. Choose from melee soldiers equipped with yari, various sword wielding units, ranged troops with various bow types, rifles, and more. Utilize cavalry to fight in the open battlefields or dominate with high-powered cannons during castle sieges.
Your soldiers gain experience during battle and become more effective and deadly. Each army is commanded by a general that boosts morale and provides additional bonuses like army size and combat skills.


Japanese voice-overs, detailed units and landscapes with dynamic seasonal cycles and an art style, influenced by historical paintings, will help you to feel the atmosphere of the Land of Cherry Blossoms.
A user-friendly interface with contextual tips and hints will help you to learn the rules in no-time and enjoy the game at its max potential.

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Shogun Empire user reviews :

Very good game, borrowing the best bits from shogun 2 total war (though it seems a bit of a carbon copy…). But this game is waay too easy, even the ultra difficult campaigns. Ten minutes in one can see how easy it is to exploit the AI, by simply leaving a cheap general to prevent attacks. It would be great if you could deepen the complexity of the ai, and maybe add in expansion packs around unit types (specific to age, like in shogun 2), and managing multiple religions too! Thanks,

Basically this is a simplified version of Shogun 2 on mobile with turn based hex battles. This game gets old really quickly after you know the counters of each units and after you get the income going. When a faction declares war on your clan you can just easily pay them for peace. Ai isn’t that good and this game needs lot’s more features like to assasinate generals with ninjas or a tech tree which unlocks more units. Hopefully this game gets a big update in the future

A very interesting game with many different aspects to master but the one thing that bugs me is the controls in battle and on the map mode as sometimes you accidentally tap other things. Also in the map mode when you tap things it makes a loud noise so I just muted it but I can’t hear the beautiful music anymore so if the developers read this can you fix it or add like a separate box in the settings to turn off special effects. Overall the game is amazing and I would recommend it to history fans

Great strategy game. Finished the game without paying, though I would consider buying a version with better AI. Once the mecanics understood it is actually very easy. I even finished an extreme difficulty tribe having conducted only one battle. Battles are fun and simple enough for someone with minimum experience in hexagonal strategy games. Logic must be applied when fighting cavalry/ pikemen/ archers. The game AI itself follows such basic rules. Good work.

Best strategy game of 2019, and I’ve only played 2 missions… Perfect phone strategy game. I got no sleep last night playing it. Really plays a lot like the first Total War: Shogun. With updated graphics and phone interface. A perfect balance of strategy and tactical gameplay. The option to opt-out of information gathering alone deserves a 5 star. Gameplay, graphics, all around i love this game. Long time total war gamer, and this takes me back, while still moving forward.

Really great game. Good enough to make a purchase in it. I dont do that often. I bought all the expansions for or whatever and i probably spent about $500 on titan throne and 1k on war and order, but actually i dont spend money on most games. Usually they just arent worth it. Usually theyre the 5.25″ floppy disks we would get in the mail, and the best parts of that game were on that demo disk. Shoguns empire is a buy. HOWEVER!!! THE WAY THEY INFLATE YOUR TAXES IS STUPID!!!!!!!

The Gameplay is just AMAZING! The fact you had Japanese Voice actors make it feel like you are actually in the Sengoku Jidai Period! You should get an award Honestly. Here are some ideas! 1. Sandbox mode 2. Fix Pronounciation of the Clan Names. 3. Add Units Unlocked via. The choosing of clans. (Like Elite units of lets say the Uesugi Clan Are Warrior monks?) 4. Add an in app purchase for the Satsuma Rebelion. Try to get Sabaton to let you use the song “Shiroyama”.

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