Shoot Em Down II

[Game] Shoot Em Down II

Shoot Em Down IIShoot Em Down II : First person shooter adjusted to the death-match.

single player (unique 8 maps)
multiplayer (some as single player)
zombies (unique 9 maps)
17 guns

choose your team. terrorists are red, swat are green
choose map to play and weapon. Warning! you need points for better guns and new maps
start a game, you have in your team 3 bots. You can not make a friendly fire. It is not possible.
try to fight face to face with oponnent`s team. There are 4-bots. You can see their positions on the small map on the right.
cover your body behind obstacles

Navigation icons
running man – press and hold an icon of running man on the left to run
rifle – press and hold an icon of rifle on the left to shoot
left/right arrows – press and hold an icon “<” “>” on the left side to step left/right
player`s point of view – control it by swipe on the right side of the screen.
launcher/rifle – tap an icon to switch primary and secondary weapon
grenade – tap an icon to throw a grenade you will get a grenade for 3 kills in row
mortar support – tap an icon to call mortar support. Map will blick on the right. Choose the position by the tap. You will get a mortar support for 7 kills in row.
clip/number – actual status of the clip. Tap an icon to reload it.

Guns and weapons
you will start with 2 maps, second 2 are unlocked by points
you will start with M16, next 7 are unlocked by points
guns have different properties such as efficient distance, clip, accuracy, cadence

Goal of the Shoot Em Down II game
you need 35 kills of opponents for your team to win. Every kill is 1 point.
when you want to be the best in the game, you need to have a higher score. Every hit of opponent has special points.
Table of players is on the right. Players are ordered by the score.

The game helps to improve your eye-hand coordination, reflexes and reaction time.

Shoot Em Down II user reviews :

Just wanted to ask if my device is supported its galaxy tab 2 p3100
  • Development studio July 17, 2014
  • hi man, try to find in in playstore. when you see it, it is supported. when no, write a email. we will add your device for try..

These controls has got to change, love the game for quick single/multiplayer game. But alas, the controls render the game unplayable. I’ll gladly wait for a fix and if the game feels right, who cares about graphics. This game does just that but bad controls.

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