Shopping Mall Girl Cashier – Shop from a variety of items in the mall

[Game] Shopping Mall Girl Cashier

Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Play one of the most addictive and challenging shopping mall cashier games for girls!

Time to be a vigilant mall cash manager to handle a rush of customers in one of the best cashier simulator. An educational game for kids to experience real-time learning to shop for clothes, accessories & shoes while managing cash register in this best mall game.

Educational Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Game Features:
A one-stop-shop for all shopping needs.
Shop from a variety of items in the mall.
A time management educational game for kids.
Sell trendy outfits & accessories etc in this mall game.
One of the best girl cashier game offline.
Manage cash counter like a pro girl cashier.
Buy dresses, accessories, shoes and more in the mall
Sell dresses, costumes & fashionable items to customers.
Help customers decide what to buy & manage their cash bill.
Upgrade different power-ups like candy, ice cream.
Deal with multiple buyers in this free cashier games for girls.
Calculate the price of items bought in an educational game.
Collect cash from customers to generate bill receipt.
Unlock Price Scanner for fast time management in orders.
Unlock credit card machines to accept payments via card.
Download the best educational free cash register game for girls.

Become a girl cash manager by learning mathematics in this addictive time management cashier game and manage to deliver and maintain customers’ shopping needs.
Sell trendy outfits, accessories, shoes & more to customers on sale in this shopping mall girl cashier game. Calculate prices for the items purchased, receive cash, generate bills in this girl cashier simulator.

Attend all customers arriving at supermarket shop, create bills and serve them promptly in cash register game. Don’t forget handover electronic receipt to shoppers in the shopping mall cashier simulator game. A new mall game is a game for all who like managing cash counters and free cashier games for girls.

How To Play Addictive Time Management Cashier Game:
Select from customer checkout or shopping checkout
Tap on items to purchase from the items racks
Manage cash register counter for bill generation
Drag & drop items in bags bought by customers
Calculate total bill on calculator and collect cash

Free to download and play it is one of the most challenging and addictive time management cashier games for everyone out there!

Shopping Mall Girl Cashier user reviews :

This is good but there somethings i don’t like:-1)the characters is only one person in different clothes and the moving of their hands on the trolleys(2)There should be achievement included also(3)Most of all i am having some difficulties with the levels at level12 of each category,once i finish the level the next level will not open instead it will pass to level14 and it is not open either so please developers improve the game until I receive a feedback I am not re-installingit &flag it

It’s very relaxing and fun I enjoy playing the app but the problem is that when you play loads of games you run out of bags and need to watch an advert for more bags overall it’s one of my favourite apps on my phone!

its a good game but it cant be for little children because they wont understand and for big children like me its just boring. It wouldve been better if you couldve picked out your own stuff and actually count the money and calculate change and stuff. But i give it two stars for effort

I think that this game is good for little kids because i had done a few levels and they were still giving me instrouctions i didnt actually need. Soooo i think that dont download this game if you dont like instrouctions. Rather than that this game is good!

I like the game it’s super fun but there is some graphics that I don’t really like and I don’t like that they show me on some of this level is how and where to put things cuz I know how to do it so I feel like it’s for more littler kids or people who need help with those kind of things if so I do recommend this.

Over all, a fun game. But, I just finished level 12 and level 13 is till locked. Can you do something to fix this? I would like to keep move on.

Love this game and also I live in a house that doesn’t have wi-fi. It also has so much levels do I don’t have to download it again

This game is very useful to kids. If there were no calculator then it would be better than now it would help the child in doing sums.

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