Shouty Heads – Power up your heads for super abilities

[Game] Shouty Heads!

Shouty Heads!Yaaaaaahhhh! What’s that sound? It’s Shouty Heads!

Tap the screen to shout and see how far you can get. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! Only the greatest shouting heads will go down in history and become legends in this wacky game!

New crazy rolling shouty gameplay.
Crack open prizes from the legendary “Head Bird”.
Power up your heads for super abilities.
Become the greatest shouter in the world.

Featuring all your favourite historical heads such as:
Albert Einstein
Bob Marley
Abraham Lincoln
Joan of Arc
Elizabeth Taylor
And many more…

So, warm up those vocal chords and get shouting. It’s time for heads to roll!

Shouty Heads! user reviews :

Quite funny..I got this as a fully grown adult and my kids got it after..its really fun and quite educational with the facts…Great way to kill time

The game used to be 5 star quality, but they changed it so that you play the game through small levels, going through “zones”. It takes out the whole fun of the game. It’s way more satisfying with a high score system trying to beat your own score and unlock more heads, like sling Kong. This change just makes it generic and into one of those trash games for kids.

Brilliantly funny fun skillfully game that’s hilarious and looks beautifull, and just keeps u going for more, addictive, strangely I’ve installed upon two fones and got a different version on each, the power ups are an annoying touch though as they’re of no help at all and a letdown when you play for coins to just get them and not a nu head, but beyond this fail, this is defo a game worth installing, I recommend it.!

This game is really good but you know what it would be better, buying the heads with coins instead of wasting 100 coins or having to watch a 30 second long ad just so you can get a power up you don’t even want. I know that I sound like a jerk when I said that, but its true, I don’t wanna keep getting power ups every time I try to get a head from the head bird. I mean, why not ad a third bird, name it something like the power up bird just so it can be better for us and you, I hope you understand.

I like the game, its fun, but there is one major problem, and it has to do with the egg bird. Its called the egg bird, so it makes sense that it will have eggs, but most of the time, it doesn’t. I get that you wanted to add little bounes powerup and thats ok, but it should’nt be that many! there are more powerups than eggs, and I often find myself waiting for eggs to appear, and even when they do, I pray to get them. It’s not supposed to be that way. It would make me very happy if you fix it.

not really bad and its overall fun! but- there are ads was cannot be closed because sometimes x button didnt shown up when i tried to get new heads. coins is do nothing because it will give random rewards i thought i can get new head by every 100 levels (200 right now!) maybe new mode for race mode?

The physics are at first very difficult to figure out, but then once you get a hang of them, it becomes significantly easier. — But this game belongs to the rage game genre regardless

Best game ever. And Ariel Irvi you said there’s much more power ups than eggs. if you always get eggs it’s not interesting. but if you sometimes get eggs it’s harder. If you get all the eggs like 4 days you can say it’s bad game. I have played this game like 8 days and i got 4 or 6 shouty heads.anyways keep it up guys.

Not your usual button-pushing game, I just wonder what it’s doing to the sensors for the screen being that it can be intense,…or maybe it’s just me…lol

love the game funny and disturbing at the same time. it’s my favourite game in the whole world not a lot of ads . I truly love it 10/10

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