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Siege Castles  Siege Castles is a relaxing medieval themed Castle VS Castle game with many different battle weapons & strategies.


Build your island kingdom and stack powerful siege weapons, ride the high tides and battle castles and clash on other islands. Merge different materials like stone, wood, iron and crystal to craft the best castle ever with your own tower defense system.
You can also add extremely powerful defense magic by recruiting the greatest magicians.


Use the fast ballista like a pro to block stone projectiles about to hit your castle
Or maybe you take joy in launching a 90 kg stone projectile over 300 metres? The trebuchet is for you
If you’re a big catapult guy that’s fine too – we’ve got you covered
Unlock the powerful cannon and unleash destruction on the enemies towers

Claim epic rewards and get powerful upgrades to your Castle
Expand your Kingdom and rule your island and lords !

If you have ideas for the game such as new troops, spells, siege weapons or other things for castle or any feedback at all write on our site:

Siege Castles user reviews :

Such an excellent game. There’s a micro transactions element, but it’s not necessary at all. The energy system just limits daily progression, but it’s fine because you can still have fun playing. Matchmaking system is completely fair – even with better units, you can still lose to a new player. Never been so happy to click this many ads before. You can have fun and win games with a meh build too, ranking is defined by win streak. Had to uninstall because it’s too addictive.

Would be better if some of the mechanics were even fair. I get killed by my own t2 shield more than i do enemy turrets. Or rocks that move at a snails pace or barely move and instantly destroy my turret or block. Or my turret gets destroyed while inside my shield or a split second before my shield goes up. Random arrows go haywire as well and fly around the map if hit by a shield sometimes as well. Way to grind heavy as well. Had this game for a week and am barely progressing. 18H+ per upgrade

Nice game. Was fun but feels like it’d missing some (alot) of features. Like the shop to buy gem etc there is no actual offers, bundles etc. Just super expensive stuff . Puts me off paying for so little with so much cash. Still a fun game :)

Good game so far, still missing many features like stats, leaderboard or 2x speed, but it’s a new unique cocept game so I hope so developers will keep progressing. Good luck!

Easy to play, choosing your layout well requires cunning. Addictive game all around, it’s therapeutic watching your opponents crumble.

Having a blast. Worth trying out. Kingdom management needs work, but for what this game is, it’s loads of fun.

There is just a wide range of augmentation you can do with your castle and I enjoy the level up system.

Yet another copycat. Difference with this one is you hit the pay wall right off the bat. PAY WALL The moment where spending cash for a limited amount of in game resources that essentially does nothing but make it harder to play without throwing more money down the drain to you Developers who apply ZERO creativity or originality when creating these black holes you crooks advertise as games. Its like gambling without the possibility of winning
  • Plug in Digital
  • Appreciate the feedback, although could you elaborate what your definition of a pay wall is, and where you found it in our game?

Nice looking and very fun game. Battles are carefully prepared with lot of humorous scenes and details. At the beginning your kingdom will be destroyed, but you and some of your people persevered, so you are starting from zero. You are lucky to have own advisor (he approach you with “Your Highness”) who will help you to rebuild the kingdom…

This game is so much fun easy to play yet minimum ads.get lost in this game fun fun…

GREAT GAME!!! Can continue to play even without food and still get experience for levels Will give 5 stars when I can get more than 2 workers. And when I can complete the quest of map fragments that iv been on over a week. I play hours a day open 5 or more chest a day have only got 1 fragment

This game is challenging but fun and good rewards for free. I also love how this game doesn’t have huge amounts of adds!!!!!!
  • Plug in Digital
  • Much appreciated

Looks.good so far but is takes time to develop. There should be more independent missions to gain coins or other rewards Additionall events with bosses While winning many times in a raw there should more bonuses and treasure points to gain Keep updating it might be a good game in the end

Really good, alot better than most of the games now, and the concept is also really cool, let’s just hope people don’t make fake ads with these

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