Simple Photo Widget – Display your family photo collection in home screen

[App] Simple Photo Widget

Simple Photo Widget  Simple to use home screen widgets to display your favorite photos with three layout options and support multiple pages.

You can use photo widgets to:

Display your family photo collection in home screen
Access your Barcode quickly
Simply have fun

Display a single photo or multiple ones in home screen widgets
Supports Treemap, Uniform, and Hexagon layout for multiple photos
Supports manual or automatic paging and animated page transition

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Simple Photo Widget user reviews :

after a few days the widgets just.. go away. that or they mess up really bad, if the bugs were fixed for the photos going away it be awesome ! but sadly its just really inconvenient and kind of frustrating ^^; edit its getting worse and its hapoening almost everyday, its really stressing me out im so close to deleting it

I really liked the way this widget us visually. It actually plays out really well with other widgets I have whose shape are also honeycombs. However, the one detail I have is that it doesn’t allow me to swipe from the screen (on top of the widget) to see my notifications or to open the app drawer If that is fixed it’ll make the experience way better.

I honestly loved this app at first. It was simple, and easy to use. But later on, I powered off my phone. This cause every widget to say “Recognizing widget, my take a while after device shut down or restart” it never loaded. It’s honestly a good app, but im really bummed that you would have to go back and re add all of them for it to work

This app was amazing and all and it was really easy to use but I gave it 4 stars is because whenever I add a widget after a few seconds and its gone. This is really fustrating because this is the only app I could find that lets you make your own widgets. Please fix this problem but overall this app is wonderful

One of the few widgets that supports transparent PNGs, has sensibile size and crop and doesn’t contain ads or IAPs. Only slight weirdness is that if you tap on the transparent part of a PNG, it doesn’t open the app, which is great, but the tap isn’t passed through to whatever icon is below it either. I used to use Nice Simple Photo Widget until it broke after an OS update and that one did do this. It’d also be nice if you could set the app to open to “none”

Amazing app really helped me in making my desktop aesthetic… There is only one problem that after every few days the picrures that are displayed on the wallpaper vanish!! It happened so many times plz fix this

I really loved how my screen looked after I got everything set up, but once my phone was powered off and on again, the widgets never loaded back. It’s really inconvenient to put them back up everytime my phone for whatever reason is turned off.

I find that most apps like this don’t work or are just terrible, I find that this app is the best there is for getting widgets, and doesn’t glitch out like others do.

the app fulfills its promise, if it puts wingets on the screen but, personally I don’t like that the wingets are so square in the corners practically, which I don’t like is that they are so pointed in the corners, apart, after a few weeks It started to fail I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it doesn’t work.

BEST SLIDESHOW APP! Can add multiple albums, there is an option to ‘select all’ images (which is not a given apparently), edit the frame, and best of all, swipe for next pic. Thanks!

ive had few problems and the first one only happened once but its that after a while the widgets shrink rlly small but as long as you didn’t place a lot its not much of a hassle to just adjust the sizes again! and the second one is im not sure how to switch through different photos i put on there I can’t seem to do that! but other then that i love it! great alternative to widgetsmith for ppl on Android/Google

It was pretty good at first, but in a span of 1 week or so, it started to glitch and just says ( no available image ) I thought it was something to do with my phone and re-did my screen again, and this time… Within a span of 1/2 day it again states ( no available image ) Please sort out this glitch!

I have no complaints. If you want customizable widgets, get this one. I just wish I could find an app for my icons that worked as good as this app. 10/10 love this app

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