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SinglesAroundMeSinglesAroundMe : Discover, meet and date singles around you right now anywhere in the world.

SinglesAroundMe (SAM) is an industry leading ‘social discovery’ mobile dating app that is popular worldwide for both men and women. The app is changing the way singles meet and offers you the opportunity to discover the singles you want to meet nearby, now.

You can now find users of SinglesAroundMe in most cities of the world. From New York to Los Angeles, London to Munich, Sydney to Hong Kong, Vancouver to Halifax, Cape Town to Buenos Aries, the app is spreading wildly as clusters of singles join up and tell their friends.

It is an unusually fun-loving mobile app that appeals to our sense of meeting like-minded people around us, wherever we might be. Spontaneous, serendipitous, by-chance meetings are exciting and they remind us of moments when great romances begin. We pose the question, is your next love somewhere around you now? Chances are, Yes! We meet people when we’re out and about, not when we’re stuck at home behind a computer.

Launched originally on the iPhone in April 2010, and the Blackberry in February 2011 we are now pleased to bring the app to Android users. There are now over 20,000 singles downloading the app each week; with over 1+ million users it’s growing in leaps and bounds!

Privacy is 100% controlled by you. We are pleased to announce the release of the industry’s first “Approximate Location” tool for Android users. Now you can choose how much, if any, of your precise location you wish to share. You can keep your location hidden, exact or approximate, which displaces your real location by approximately 1-2 miles / 2-3 KM. It is up to you to choose when to flirt and when to be anonymous.

As an Android user you can also choose how close you’d like other Android users to be to you, before they are allow to send you a message – 20 miles, 100 miles or worlds away. What does this mean? You can choose to make the app hyper-local or you can open it up to the world.

My name is Chris Klotz, and I founded SinglesAroundMe. I met my wife by chance skiing in the French Alps, and I have been happily married for 14 years. I know that these kinds of chance encounters can lead to great happiness and wild romance, but I also know there is a bit of luck needed in finding and meeting like-minded singles. I hope that SinglesAroundMe provides you with these opportunities and that luck, wherever you might be in the world. I know that my single friends are enjoying the app and based on feedback from users worldwide, others are too.

There are lots of really cool features that we know you will enjoy. The SAM (SinglesAroundMe) search tool dynamically shows singles within a close proximity of you and uniquely presents matching profiles on a Google map. You can define the distance from 100 yards to 160 miles / 200 km of you. You can also refine your search to display only the type of singles who interest you. You can view a user’s profile, and send various flirtatious winks and text messages, and add profiles to your hot list and /or block list.

There is also a fun “Destination Search” tool, which allows you to look for singles at specific locations of your choice – in bars, restaurants, resorts, distant cities, wherever, before leaving home.

The New Users tab shows all the singles joining each hour worldwide and the Who’s Online feature that shows you singles currently online within a radius of your location.

Registration is free, allowing you to build your profile and photo collection and use the SAM search and Destination search functions as well as sending winks among many other things.

Singles Around Me is social, fun-loving location based mobile dating app with a social flair that we know you will enjoy.

Nudity is strictly prohibited and users can monitor and report any bad behaviour. We have a zero tolerance policy and anyone caught spamming or using the app in any manor contrary to our “Terms Of Use” will immediately be deleted and banned from Singles Around Me.

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I’ve been waiting 2 days for my password to be sent to my email and it’s not there. Send update.

Yea i love your site mmmm

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