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[Game] Site Takeover

Site Takeover

What’s the highest glory for a commander?

It is to conquer the site and own the city takeover with ease. Strengthen the soldiers, upgrade the barracks and crash your enemy!

Game Feature

A hyper-casual game makes you relax.
Generate strategy for your soldiers and every move.
The higher the barrack level, the faster your soldiers dash.

Come to play Site Takeover now and good luck!!!

Site Takeover user reviews :

I did love it. I paid for add free a few weeks ago made it even better. I was on level 450 something today. In middle of game it completely reset back to tutorial and put adds back on. Fixing this would be nice or refund my money.

The game is advertised as having been improved. In other words, same concept, but not just the same puzzles as every other similar game out there. I’m not seeing that; still seeing the same game. They have the option to upgrade troops, which gives you a sense of getting stronger, but really you’re just staying 1 step weaker than the game. BTW, if I agree to watch an ad, the agreement is for ONE ad, NOT for as many ads as you feel like showing before throwing the promised bone! UNINSTALLING

Glitch prone! The freeze function doesn’t work, & towers continue to send two & even three columns of troops after being reduced to one dot. Uninstalled!

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. MORE ADS THAN GAME! Good idea. Poorly executed. Another game that’s more advertisements than game. I can understand ads but game devs now are just going to far. On top of that. You get to a point were the game cheats and all you end up doing is watching an advertisement to get help. But the help doesn’t help so you loose. Eventually they make the levels so that no matter what you do you are so far out numbered it’s impossible to continue

This game has way too many ads that advertise other games that are basically knockoffs of a game similar to the others. There are some options that do not do anything at all and the double speed option makes you watch an ad for the game to still over power the player regardless. It’s garbage and I’ve wasted too much of my time on this. Deleting it now.

After every couple levels, you get stuck in an ad that doesn’t let you continue. The little x doesn’t show up and any time you touch the screen, it opens the play store for the ad. You can only force close the game and start again. As if it’s planned that way.

  • Hello, please check your network status and check whether your Google account login is normal. If you still have problems, you can try to restart the game.

Great idea. Not original. Often crashes when starting without internet or when giving in-game negative reviews. To avoid ads, turn off internet AFTER starting. Sometimes several attempts are necessary to make/break tower connections. Sometimes the wrong tower connection breaks. Very high annoyance factor.

This game has reset my level at least four times now. And taken away the no ads that I had purchased. Each time I have had to uninstall and reinstall the game. These issues are becoming ridiculous. I was enjoying playing the game, but not if I’m going to keep losing everything I keep working for.

Love the basic premise: tower take over game plus minions levels. Love that part. BUT there are sooo many ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing–like twice as much. Maybe I will reinstall in the future.

Pretty good on concept and implementation, I like this sort of game and the ads aren’t too bad. Two main gripes: please, let me bulk accept rewards, each anim takes so long; second, the difficulty has spiked (from around lvl 80) to the point that it’s just frustrating and at points feel wildly unfair.

So far so good. Lower levels are straight forward. I’m looking ahead to see what the upper levels are like.

This game is an all-around great, fun, addictive and satisfying game to play not just to pass the time but at any time.

Good little time waster. As previously mentioned you do have a lot of ads to go through to succeed. Needs a lot more levels added though. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times now as you hit the top level way too soon.

That’s a fun game with a decent challenge from the AI I would suggest implementing a coin system of some sort that would allow the player to use some of the power-ups at their will or to pick a specific power up I can’t tell you how many times I picked the power up and it was just giving me multiple 10x coins in the same match(which doesn’t stack) I’m watching ads in hopes of gaining a advantage not broken gameplay mechanics and If that’s too much dumb down the AI

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