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Sketch GuruSketch Guru : A sketch tool to turn your phone and tablet into sketch book, let you enjoy sketch fun anytime and anywhere!

Sketch Guru Features:
17 brushes + eraser
Intuitive brush picker to select brush, adjust brush width and pressure.
Desktop-class color picker
Sketch on photo.
Undo / Redo
Pinch to zoom in and zoom out.
Build-in gallery stores both sketch drawing and procedure.
“Movie” mode to playback sketch like a small film.
Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks!
Support drawing on 1080p device

Sketch Guru user reviews :

Great App, just one thing.. More brushes would be cool, but when I zoom in very close and begin to draw, it starts getting a little laggy.

Thx Wow, million thx because if it wasn’t for this app, I won’t get many likes in instagram. Just one more thing, there is a prob that when I add in a picture background, and I can’t remove it when I quit the app and rejoin

Even I can draw Wanted to sketch out a basic idea and discovered I could actually create something beautiful — and I can’t draw worth beans! Great set of tools. It does tend to get hung up after laying on many layers of color. Fortunately, I had saved intermediary drawings and after killing the app from memory, I was able to reload my drawing and continue. Do wish I could name my drawings. Wish there was also a paid version without ads.

Drawing engine is superb Why doesn’t it get five stars? To be honest it nearly does. There are only two things wrong. Firstly the menu is like a game ratchet than a serious app and this jars in the look and feel. The other is that I can’t pay any money to get the adverts turned off. It’s good enough that I want to pay for it.

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