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Sky UtopiaOars, a city built around the sky fountain, is home to 4 unique races that share one common faith—Oceanos, the God of River. Their diverse civilizations developed harmoniously and quickly in this peaceful and mysterious sky utopia.

Attacks from dragonborn and monsters were commonplace in this era. To face the threat, brave adventurers in Oars the Sky Utopia established an Adventurer’s Guild to defend their homeland. The guild not only introduced some advanced civilizations to Oars, but also made its people blessed by Titans. Adventurers would choose a class based on the strength of their races and undertake quests to win abundant rewards. There are many different classes, including Mage, Swordsman, Lancer, Archer, Shooter, Machinist, Assassin, Berserker, Priest, etc.

Oars would organize an Adventurer Arena every year to select the strongest from every class tier and award them the title: King of Heroes. King of Heroes could go neck and neck with some superior fiends and made great contributions to defending Oars against the powerful dragonborn, and later emerged as top defenders of Oars. The planet developed harmoniously and peacefully for a thousand years, during which many Kings of Heroes were selected.

One day, however, citizens in Oars heard the sound of an enchantment breaking up from the sky! A crack appeared on the Dimension Fissure! The elders of Oars injected their power into the Woodsoul and slowly closed the Dimension Fissure. But one superior fiend reeking of chaos got loose and started attacking the enchantment of the Yggdrasil, as if it knew that the power sealing the fissure would be undermined once the Yggdrasil is destroyed.

The Adventurer feels his new armor and takes a deep breath, looking determined. He then picks up the weapon and starts fighting!

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Game Features:
[Explore the magnificent sky utopia] Leave your footprint in every corner of the sky utopia, and build your exclusive memory with Oars.
[Enjoy amazing gifts] Log in to get handsome gifts. Upgrade quickly and become an expert before you know it!
[Savor the cozy moments] Meet friends in Oars through Fishing, T-stage Show, Socializing Balls and more!
[Custom exclusive avatar] Use resplendent avatars and cool outfits to design your unique namecard!
[Conquer the Oppressor via cooperation] Summon friends and use strategies to release the ultimate skill and conquer the Oppressor!

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Sky Utopia user reviews :

Graphics is decent, but gameplay is extremely confusing. Ads made you believe this is an rpg but its an idle game instead. No story, lacks depth and innovation. I’m giving this a 2 just coz the graphics is decent and devs are generous with freebies.

  • Hello there. We also want you to enjoy yourself playing our games. And you are welcome to let us know if you have any comments or suggestions which we will consider very seriously.

Not as shown in advertising. Game is completely different than show and there is no way to turn off auto battle. Game is still good to play. Animation are really good quality and eazy to play

  • Hello, we sincerely hope to bring you a good game experience, if there are any problems with game, please contact us on our Facebook page, we will help you, thank you for your support.

Everything i saw in the ad was literally characters taken absolutely shamelessly from another game called Tree of Savior. I can only assume this game is so bad and is nothing like it that it’s not even worth opening even once, if they need to be this shameless with their advertisement. Otherwise you would’nt need to be shameless and actually have something from your own game. Mobile game makers need to stop this bs and actually start making something worth making or don’t make it at all.

  • Dear player, Thanks for your very interest in our game, we are also developing new gameplay, please look forward to future updates. Have a nice day.

It’s not bad, but it’s not what’s advertised. It’s all auto for one, there are no buttons at all for atk. You just spend your time upgrading. Played a few like this, not a long term game. Fun for hours, not days.

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Our development staff will consider your suggestions carefully and work hard to provide you with the perfect gaming experience.

The concept, graphic, character, skills, monsters is great. There nothing much to say since I only play for 5mins. But if there were a version where we can play the game instead of watching the game play itself, then i will definitely play it.

  • Hello there. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Facebook homepage. Wish you a good day.

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