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SkyturnsSkyturns is not an easy game, it is a game about perfection.

If you find satisfaction in executing a perfect run, chances are that you will enjoy this game a lot. It is all about flow!

There are 5 chapters of 10 levels each with many hours of gameplay.

Look at the trailer, and then for more information about how the game plays check out this video:

There are no ads, in-app purchases or analytics. Internet access is only used for reporting crashes.

Skyturns user reviews :

A very fun game, however, I think adding in a chapter leaderboard to compare times against other players would make it much more rewarding. There’s also a glitch where if you go to the next level before the lightning bolt appears for the previous one, it doesn’t show up. Other than that, great game.

the most platformer game skyturns, it has a blue cape with trail and many other’s item that you can get many item’s you like so download now

The game concept is good. Even though the directions to which the player should go is not specified afterwards(this is what makes it interesting). There is some kind of controls error in some cases like when the player just jumps from the platform it jumps with double jump(thus reducing the length which it covers to reach the next platform)

  • Thank you for the 5-star review! I have good news for you: we are in development and will make really nice releases in the coming months, so keep playing and updating! Also come talk to us at so we can look at the control error! Regards Johan

This game is spectacular the graphics are nice the controls are amazing the the levels are fun and not repetitive and there no ads! It’s just gameplay, and the music is just amazing when that bass kicks in it’s like your in a new dimension this is supposed to be a game it was created with no thoughts of ads and was just made so people could have a good time. If your going to have at least one game on your mobile device you need to get this game. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

  • Hi Chaydan! Thanks for your 5-star review and spot on comment! We´ve worked hard to get great gameplay in Skyturns! Keep playing and getting the updates since we have lots of cool stuff in the coming releases. Also come talk to us at Regards Johan

I have a tmobile LGG4 on android 6.0. At first the game was great. But at level four it started to pause on its own; Even on parts where the character is just running and I am not touching the screen. Will change rating if fixed.

The controls need to be fixed. The left and right arrows are FAR too sensitive. You have to stare where you’re tapping to get the avatar to actually respond.

You need a certain level of skill for this. It’s a similar principal to manualling on a BMX track to gain and maintain speed. Good concept.

but i think that this game is fine at graphics, controls are at the best situation, gameplay and idea of the game, phisics and reflex needed for playing all is fine…nice. Thank You very much :D

I love this game, the controls are perfect and it feels like the game N on pc, you need to learn the physics. An endless mode would be cool too or a training area

Great way to kill time at work

Very nice game but pls fix controling system

I love this game so much even put a review on it at metacritic. It’s so fun , fast paced, and is the video game version of crack. Can’t put it down don’t want to and five stages with fifty levels in each stage. It’s a $2 dream game for me. The awesome way it puts you way up in the air going so fast running and jumping. And no level is the same. Thank you to the ones who made this great game. Himdim1023 out and running!!!!!!

The feeling you get when you finally manage to smoothly complete a level is awesome. Just one more go.

Nice game, Very cool and additive, way better than endless runners every level is different and challenging.

Ingenious idea, and a helluva lot of fun :-D

This is the best stickman parkour game that you can play on your mobile device

I liked it very much

Cool awesome amazing

It is awesome

Last Update :

Fixed a bug that caused the game screen to be misaligned on some devices.
Fixed a bug that caused the sound to start crackling on some devices.
Added a discord button to the menus.

Contact developer :


Video :

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