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[Game] Slash and Roll – 20v20 Online RPG

Slash and Roll

Join an online RPG multiplayer game and roll dice to face off against other guilds!

Play with friends online in epic co-op battles. Fight in multiplayer PvP team battles against other guilds to dominate the ranking! It’s just the beginning of what Slash & Roll, one of the most interesting online multiplayer games with friends, has to offer!

Band together in the exciting fighting co-op games!
Create or join a guild to compete in guild wars – bribe the enemies to join your side!
Strategise together! Chat with your guildmates to time your attacks and talk tactics
Fight in epic real time multiplayer games of 20v20 in team vs team battles
Join the skirmish mode to face your enemies in the battle arena
Level up your hero to contribute to the power of your guild
Take advantage of character customization with unique weapons and cosmetics, or get a mount to tower over the battlefield and boost your attack!
Roll the dice, attack, and crit! Collect shields to enhance your defence
Send gifts to your guildmates and allies to boost their progress or help them to take the victory in the real time battle arena!
Become the champion or shield destroyer! Play with friends and lend aid in RPG online games!

Like in most multiplayer RPG co op games, you are a guild member or guild master, born to fight for your allies. Battle friends and foes, defend your tower, help your allies to defeat their enemies and win skirmishes together!

Multiplayer fighting games don’t have to be hard. Slash & Roll gives you an amazing opportunity to level up very fast and become the key member of your team. Compete with other players for outstanding weapons and seasonal gear to stand out from the crowd. It’s a dream come true for every fan of online PvP games who looks for customization features.

Join a guild of heroes and compete in real time multiplayer games with friends. Unite with powerful warriors in one of the most co-op online RPGs!

Cooperate, compete, turn failures into victories, and fight together! Are you ready to roll?

Please note that although Slash & Roll: 20v20 Online RPG is free to play, our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Slash and Roll user reviews :

The best phone game there is! I have been playing it for over two years and they finally updated it so bots don’t take your shields (which was my biggest complaint). But they somehow made a perfect game even better by adding unlimited x1 energy during skirmishes! PLEASE MAKE THAT FEATURE PERMANENT!!!

    • Thank you for providing your feedback about the game and your recent experience. Your comments are very much appreciated and will help us improve the game. Should you have any more thoughts or suggestions, please reach out to our Support Team via the in-game Support chat. Good luck, Roller!

I like the game but it’s too simple. For example, all of the gear upgrades are purely cosmetic. Why not make them increase your odds of certain rolls? Without any form of upgrades, you’re just clicking a button to roll dice and that’s it.

It’s essentially a slot machine just an auto dice roller. The microtransactions are minimal and very unobtrusive. Generally a pretty fun game to just fart around with for a few minutes a day. It is competitive with guilds vs guilds

So far, I’ve enjoyed playing Slash & Roll, the game is simple, fun, and doesn’t take too long to get down how things work, the only things I find that should be changed, is how the game starts off, forcing you to join 1 of 3 guilds. it’d be nice if that was waited upon till made explain by a tutorial, but since switching guilds is a thing, it’s not a problem. Secondly, there should be more to do, rather than roll, if we had quests, or a type of campaign, but so far, I’ll likely enjoy playing.

It’s a pickup and play for a bit kinda game. battles are a constant, it’s kinda like a turned based fighter, but the turns are spontaneous. The characters look great, art is nice, dice combat is solid.

The game is good enough for casual players that just want to visit to attack and see the progress. Devs, I suggest you add more interactive way for players to communicate like Global Chat? And give new players Tutorials because the sudden pop-up of joining a guild will make people confused (like me, the time I started the game). Also, the energy bar regeneration is too slow I hope you drop it to 5-7 minutes only for more outcome of attacks to the enemy guild. Other than that, good game. Keep up

Great Game, its easy to play and to understand; I have a suggestion that the gifts that could be claimed/used should be on top of the gift/history list.

Great idle / Casual game with cool looking armour / Cosmetics. Looking forward to seeing this game grow. Would be great if there were more modes like a campaign or dungeon area.

I enjoy it, like the animation of critical hit, it really looks hilariously ugly but it all makes it so funny to hope for the crit tho, thanks for the game

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