Snake Arena – Discover various boosters on your way

[Game] Snake Arena

Snake Arena  Beat all the rivals on the island!

Eat tasty apples, race with other players and try to survive in a colorful arcade Snake Arena in 3D! Guide the snake, encircle smaller enemies, and don’t stop growing.

Discover various boosters on your way to increase your slug speed and improve other skills. You may even enter a ghost mode and go through obstacles!

Keep eating and competing in the arena to open new islands! Every level has an achievement scale to keep you up with your progress. And don’t forget about tons of cute and funny skins that will unlock as you progress the game!

Why you’ll love Snake Arena in 3D:

Simple and addictive gameplay
Various islands to discover
Cute animal skins
Cool boosters to find and use against other snakes
A relaxing way to pass the time

Try to beat all opponents, grow the biggest slither, dominate the io leaderboard in this fun MMO game. Download now!



Snake Arena user reviews :

Cute & fun game! Awesome remake of the classic snake game. Ads are few & you can play online with friends.

Not bad. Quite easy to play. Once we eat the big colourful ball we can kill others and eat them up.

I love this game this game is really cool you should really get it is ready fun and you cannot die by hitting your own body so that’s pretty cool download now

Control can be adjusted and a bigger area with fruits coming quicker

Its super fun I love it. But please make more level and maybe make it so you dont lose when you hit your own body. Still love this game. Great work.

The game is pretty good. The gaphics are almost perfect for animation but the control is good. The game is challanging but i would really like to see more quests or gems introduced or something like that. And more skins please

this game is cute. y most times dont play snake io games but dis game  is cute, cool, good and beter its 3D and online 100/5 dis is incredible y recommend installing it its perfect.

It is a good game for kids like me and it is very very fun too but the bad part is if u tag something u get pused and u will get killed

This game is so fun always win and little bit i have been out and there are animals too when they eat more and more they are like a big snake it’s a good game

This is nice! Recommend download! I’d be cool if you added a online mode so I don’t just play with bots all the time

It’s a great game but it needs more food choices and more skins and more levels. But overall a great game

Very cute! I enjoy the look of this one compared to similar snake games.

Niiiice, a 3D version of the old snake game from the PC.

I like this game . There are .many types of snakes . This game has no add but this game has no sound

Really like this game because it’s super funny There’s something wrong with what does everybody have to die like this naik game and the No worms game

I like the game but there are few islands only if their will be more island then this game is assume and want some more challenges in this game

It was fun but needs an improvement like food to eat..and boosters.and the character to choose.

This game need a mor skins and food.but this game is a perfect geam and i love it

It is SO fun like you can unlock new skins be the best the longest.IT IS SO FUN.

It was the best experience and I would definitely recommend it but maybe make more level’s

Fun game but needs more arena’s. Or I would have have more stars

This game is the best. Needs more characters and different maps

This game is so fun it’s kind of like snakes that are scary but it’s not that scary so I love this game so much I love it so much so much so much it’s kind of like eating apples and it’s kind of like an apple pie so it doesn’t mean I can’t leave it so I can play with it forever I love it so much so much so much so much so much so much sometimes I play it everyday just so fun it’s like a snake eating a snake and it’s like eating

Its a verry fun game but can you make more levels and animals?

This app is really funny,fun, and there is animals that you de and eat fruit to it is really cool

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