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[Game] Sniper Master – City Hunter

Sniper Master

Sniper Master:City Hunter is a FPS game! In the game, you will become a sniper, shoot evil criminals around the world, maintain justice, and become a hero.

Update your gun,unlock fun and hard missions!

Game Features:

Exciting FPS shooting game
Hundreds of well-designed fun stages
Play with FPS lovers from all over the world
Arena rank system,compete for the glory of the strongest sniper
Rescue hostages and punish evil, become a hero of this city
Offline play with fun missions or online play in arena for best sniper

If you like FPS shooting game,if you want be a city hero,what are you waiting for?sniper master can let you enjoy the fun of shooting games!Protect this city with me and become a hero of this city!come on!

Support team:support[at]

Sniper Master user reviews :

l hope you fix the graphics the seasons,are hanging. Add the seasons,is there no zombies mode, l hope it’s a good problem l” hope you make the gun better so that many who play sniper Master city hunting ok add many soow ezesy many no good game please improvement sad game

It seems good game, will this last till the last level of game, I played so many game here on Google Play Store, going far in the game become worse and the Ads pop and pop’s up some are the Ads are more appearing than the game why not make all Ads no more game that what come’s

Game is great but I don’t like the right hand trigger. Make a left hand trigger and you would be perfect. Great game anyway.

Sniper master: city hunter developer game i humble request can you immediately improvement this game without all features can’t comfortable. Thanks

Decent gameplay but expensive. After three levels (cities) you are required to purchase a weapon, approximately $49.99 USD with no guarantee this won’t happen again on future levels, or a subscription at $19.99/month. To the developers, I will not send an email to have my problem solved, as I believe it should be answered here, in the forum, so others can see how the issue is handled. One Note: I did play the previous version, and did make in-game purchases ( $5 & $10 a few times.)

If you like your sniper games, get this one! I have had loads installed and this is the best. Some tips to go by…. After you complete a mission if it gives you option to double your rewards take it… Yes you have to watch a video for 30 seconds but it’s worth it. Read the mission description carefully, Don’t just start blazing away…. If enemy’s are lined up you can kill a few with one shot. Loads of different missions and side missions. Overall a brilliant game

Good. Has energy (which sucks) but you could get refills by simply leveling up.

Translation don’t transfer well. Ex early mission is “kill the man who TOOK the phone. Should be kill the man WITH phone. Since no phone is exchanged. Control improved. Boss Graphic improved. Ad pays consistenly. Translations still game weakness but improving. UPDATE: Major glitch in Brad City missions Black ops -not recognizing fully upgraded region weapon. Targets out of range which ARE clearly in range since clear head shot available. Prevents from progressing to City.

I have reached the point in the game where joining the VIP club @ $20/month is required to move on in the levels. I was able to go through the entire first version of the game w/o paying. Here in this the version you are eventually required to pay money to advance. The quality is better in the first game as the text was better. The text has not been translated well in this version of the game. I’ll likely remove this from my phone since I can’t advance further w/o paying $20/month. Bye!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to optimize our work and offer you a better game experience! You can contact us at support[at] to resolve your problem.

What a great game..right up my street and the graphics are brilliant

i like the game the graphics are great. the missions themselves are a little simple but dont make them rediculous either. the skeleton is a nice touch too but would be better if we could actually see if its a through and through or if the bullitt gets stuck in thr body before the scene changes. definitely a good game just needs o few tweeks here and there.

I honestly love this game! Very addictive, very realistic and lots of fun! The only issue I had, was that in Arena when I got to around about level 10, it kept doing a countdown to 1 and then it got stuck there! And I had to leave the game Please get this bag fixed!! I’ll give you a five star rating! Additionally, there are plenty of spelling mistakes. I strongly suggest you fix it, it doesn’t look very professional this way…

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