Solitaire Enchanted Deck – A mysterious disappearance

[Game] Solitaire Enchanted Deck

Solitaire Enchanted Deck  Join a young fellow, Daniel Perigriff, on this captivating Solitare card game and journey as he bravely struggles to solve the mistery and reclaim his family heirloom!

A mysterious disappearance of the Peregriff family…

An enthusiastic young man, Daniel Peregriff, determined to uncover the story behind the disappearance of his ancestors…
A secret of the Enchanted Deck of cards that could change the fate of the Peregriff family…
Play this free classic Solitaire card game and try hundreds of challenging solitaire puzzles in the spirit of this spellbinding story of the Peregiff family!

Find out the secret of the Enchanted Deck by joining Daniel on this captivating, poignant trek spanning many countries of the central Europe.


Easy and Fun, with the Tutorial to pick up quick!
Over 1000 fantastic solitaire levels with amazing beautiful graphics and original soundtrack!
Pyramid Solitaire and Mystery board game with daily quests, events, activity, challenges, and rewards!
Travel across Europe of the early 20th century and feel its unique atmosphere!
Complete the tasks on your journey and free the enchanted cards!
Compete against powerful bosses with unique skills who will try to stop you!
Rebuild the family estate to receive magic bonuses and use them to clear your way.
More fantastic levels, card puzzles and challenging tasks with our regular updates!

If you’re tired of playing classic card games, similar puzzle games and boring match 3 clones, join this fascinating story of the Solitaire Enchanted Deck to have fun and train your brain
for free!”

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Solitaire Enchanted Deck user reviews :

I really enjoy this game, I even paid to stop the ads. However there seems to be a glitch with the Practice round. I have trouble loading it and when I can, I cannot progress onto the next level. Currently it’s the only entertaining section as the main levels are less forgiving. There are not many power-ups or opportunities to get them, it feels forever between each life refill, and I often feel stuck because I can barely progress forward.

Not bad for a new app…of course everything free will definitely come with ads but it’s only for a few seconds. Great graphics, smooth gameplay but sometimes can be a little bit glitchy. But to pay for the kitty bank, some can’t afford to pay but then you can watch some ads and shake out the diamonds one at a time .. that’s great. Hope more improvements will come soon. Anyway, I enjoyed the game…thank you!

This game starts with a good background story. I find it to relax with and to pass time with. Some levels are challenging but stick with it you can get 3 stars. I like it because it’s a solitaire game and you can play it offline. Very helpful for when I lose wifi on my travels. Graphics is great an background music is relaxing.

Game is graphically outstanding, as is the gameplay. However, many rounds require cash input. Yeah sure, if i play levels over and over and over again, i can still advance, but by the level 30 I’m done. Great game if you have the time or money.

In your game, the section for collecting gears, this is at the beginning of the game, your rules are very misleading. The rules state, ” Five cards will be added for each level completed.” It is more like, five cards were deleted for each level I completed. This game is very discouraging. The jewels have to be purchased, can not earn them after a certain point. I am thoroughly fed up with these “renovate/upgrade” games. They are not worth my time or effort.

Very smooth game play. Fantastic graphics. Adding a new wrinkle about once every 5 levels or so makes learning the game an easy task (as opposed to other games that dump all the guidelines in the first tutorial) I’m just getting started and look forward to building my mansion!!

Its ok in the beginning. Love the graphics! But it gets really tough to play, constant losing, no progressing. I give up after several attempts at one round

This is one of the best solitaire games, if not the best I’ve played. You can play with the WiFi off so no adds, but they’re pretty good compared to some games. You can also play when you have lost your lives, where you can collect add ons for the main game. I’ve not seen this anywhere else. Really good idea.

Really enjoy this game. I love card games. This is different than normal solitaire, and things change a lot. Lot of different things going on. I have downloaded and gotten rid of so many card games. Love this one. Almost feel like I’m in the game instead of just playing it. Sure there are adds, but I don’t mind them at all.

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