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[Game] Solitaire Klondike Classic

Solitaire Klondike Classic Play a classic Solitaire patience card game for free on your android device.

Solitaire Klondike Classic is a very popular classic card game, free on your mobile device! Enjoy 3D playing cards, stunning animations, and gameplay designed for endless entertainment in the palm of your hand. It’s perfect as a break from work, waiting in line, or just twiddling your thumbs!

Sync game statistics on all your devices so you always pick up where you left off
Global Google Play Games leaderboard lets you see how your score stacks up
Share your score on Twitter, Facebook or via e-mail

Drag and drop cards with your finger
Or tap a card to make a move
Gorgeous animations
3D cards feel totally real
Unlock new achievements as you play

Option to draw one or three cards
Play random shuffle or winning deal
Casino-quality random shuffle
Standard and Vegas scoring
Unlimited undo
Show hints to highlight next available move
Autocomplete to finish a game
Play in portrait or landscape view

Do you like puzzles and puzzle games? Want to lower your brain age with a brain game? Or do you simply want to kill time with a relaxing game of solitaire? If you answered yes, then this brain game is for you. Relax, have fun and lower your brain age with Klondike Solitaire!
With 7,000 trillion possible hands, you’ll never get bored! We hope you enjoy the game. Please send us your feedback at: contact[at]

Solitaire Klondike Classic is ad supported.

Solitaire Klondike Classic user reviews :

Would have given 4 but it takes to much time to start a new game. I’m about ready to dump this. It will be my 5th dump of an app in as many days!

I still miss my Solitaire Magic which disappeared a couple of weeks ago. This version is pretty good, but the ads between games sometimes stick and I have to exit out of the game totally to play again. EDIT: The ads still stick, and it is really annoying. 4/11/22

I am 79 years old and l still enjoy Klondike classic Soliataire because it helps me with my thinking process. I love the challange of a mixed Klondike because some are easy, and some are very challanging. When l lose a game, l always try again to improve. Over the last two years when we were isolated and l live alone, Klondike kept me sane. Thank you for offering me this Gift.

I enjoy playing Solitaire Klondike. Just a small problem, there is a slight delay, with moving the cards . This is a timed game, so having a delay, ,it messes up the play. This game still needs a lot of work.

I’ve played Klondike using patience cards since I was old enough to handle a pack of small cards. I choose the. Traditional pack as that’s my favourite from childhood. Iwas an only child. ( though my parents gad hoped for more children . I was taught many games that could be played by a single person. I will continue to enjoy Klondike in its traditional form.

By far the best in smooth animations, clear graphics, large images; “one tap” or drag, deal 1 or 3, right/left hand option; ads are out of the way and not intrusive. The price for the removal of the ads seems fair, so long as the app doesn’t implode after.  But I’m probably going to purchase.

I like the way the cards look and the size. Gives me hours of entertainment. This is an update to my original star rating. I previously gave this app 5 stars, but I’m now giving it 3 stars. There have been several times when the cards get stuck and won’t move and overlap each other. A card can be seen through the card on top – as though it’s transparent. The only fix is to restart my phone. Once this happens everything is back to normal. Update 9/20/19: I have decided to uninstall this app

The control buttons cannot be moved out of the way so you can play cards that are within the bar. This is very frustrating.

It seems that when I went onto Samsung, the Klondike solitaire which I’ve played for yrs is so slow. To push a card it takes several seconds. It’s just too frustrating to play anymore.

I hate the updated version. The side lineup is very annoying and hard to use without using two fingers. When it was on the bottom it was very easy to navigate. Now it is hard to keep from accidentally voiding the game in progress. I use Android to play.

Good game but the autocomplete option takes way too long. That needs to be reduced but overall a really nice game. Edit: please make the autocomplete option faster! It robs a person of the vital few seconds to make a new high score.

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