Solitaire Resort – Re-discover the classic Solitaire

[Game] Solitaire Resort

Solitaire ResortDiscover Solitaire Resort, the most relaxing Tripeaks Solitaire experience for your cell phone.

Enjoy the free card game from the billowing sanctuary of your private beachfront cabana. Solve fun puzzles from the world’s most inviting beaches. Experience a journey of dream destinations while solving relaxing puzzles to soothe your mind.

Solve relaxing Solitaire puzzles
Visit the world’s most exotic beaches
Enjoy beautiful oceanic views
Re-discover the classic Solitaire card game
Earn VIP Rewards every time you play

Solitaire Resort is a free card game featuring a grand island escape. Cruise on over, tranquility awaits.

Solitaire Resort user reviews :

I like it a lot, there are no ads unless you want to watch one for a reward, nothing intrusive. Easy enough to get coins and they add up fast with combos, you can buy powerups every level and still come out ahead. There are of course options to spend real money on stuff but it’s never in your face. I like that the cost of each level and powerups stays the same after you advance to a certain point.

Game now freezes when starting the game… Just says loading waited 10 mins and nothing!!! Please help……. Thanks

Seems fine, works well, haven’t found any glitches, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s just round after round and you don’t see where you’re making any progress. One improvement I definitely make – it needs to be clearer when they are cards directly underneath other cards because often you can’t see that, and you think you’re on the last one of the stack you need to clear, and you’re not.

  • Thanks for your valuable feedback. We’d love to hear more! Please contact fun[at] so we can add the features you wish to see in the game!

Beautiful graphics! Game has great hands to play thru, so far

Relaxing, fun game but now freezes before dealing. It loads, I can collect coins, accept challenges, etc. But when screen opens to start game there are no cards and no way to refresh. I’ve closed and re-opened the app as well as reset my phone. Been almost 4 days now

  • This issue has been fixed! Please download the new update.

Great game fun and relaxing. Gameplay is great. I recommend this game and it can be played offline. Only drawback is that the daily quests have time limits that they have to be completed.

Very relaxing and enjoyable! Pretty graphics, upbeat music, game plays perfectly. Thanks for a great app!

very appleaning relaxing in Joyable charming Tropical feel to it great color sound look to it they did a great job making it great background look to it.

This game is very good and I’m glad this solitaire game doesn’t have to be updated..I’ve had to take off so many because of this doing so many updates..

Well this started out as a good game. It shows everything except the cards being dealt.

  • This issue has been fixed! Please download the new update.

This game is amazing. A must download for everyone in the family. Whom enjoy Solitaire Thanks creators

I love love the graphics. I can’t wait until I get to the end of the story.

Love the game. nice graphics. can you get this on the apple tablet

  • Yes! Solitaire Resort is now available for iPad on the App Store.

Just started playing the game so we will see how it goes so far it’s good

I love this game but after I select a QUEST, for instance, the 10 cards for free quest, it goes back to the homepage and freezes until I shut it down and reload it

Fun game & you’re not pressured to spend money to keep playing! Highly recommend! UPDATE: Game froze and I can’t play! Lost $2 million coins I had collected. Uninstalled and started over from scratch. Now I paid $11.99 to get the full gold reserve… I got receipts that my payment went through but I did not collect the 150,000 coins – they are still in the safe! Can someone please respond?!!

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