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[Game] Solitaire Tribes – Tripeaks

Solitaire Tribes  Welcome to Solitaire Tribes, a fun classic patience card game!

Play Free Pyramid Solitaire and travel around the beautiful landscapes!

Do you like to play card games and train your brain?
Or, maybe, you want to relax and take a break?

Complete levels of our outstanding Tri Solitaire and help cute Inhabitants to arrange their fair life. Plus even more, all in this classic Solitaire Tripeaks game!

Together with Aurora, you’re going to travel around the Island and help Inhabitants with their Affairs. Feed animals, harvest floral things like fruits, and learn fascinating stories from different Tribes!

In Solitaire Tribes you can do many fun things by your preference:

Travel around the beautiful klondike places and locations;
Join amazing Tribes to help them cope with difficulties;
Solve puzzles by playing hundreds of colorful Solitaire decks and levels, decompose towers of cards;
Play fast or long solitaire tri peaks games by your preference;
Get tons of free rewards and bonuses for active playing;
Play for free and anytime, even offline!

It’s an addictive board playing cards game with travels, characters, cute animals, and no casino!

Our free offline Solitaire Tribes is a Tri-peaks patience game, but also similar to Pyramid, Freecell, Klondike. Turn the cards face down and match them by the order, the suits do not matter. The process is a little reminiscent of Spider Solitaire.

If you like preferences, solitaire, klondike, spider, as well as poker and other card games, then our game is made especially for you!
Play classic Pyramid Three Peaks Solitaire for free! Travel with us!

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Solitaire Tribes user reviews :

fun card game solitaire tarot card game is fun great graphics awesome game have fun sign Kathy play with friends and family on line and on Facebook have fun

I enjoy playing games over watching television. I play for fun not to spend money. Ads are not overly intrusive and if you choose to watch an ad you build up money quickly to use when needed. Overall it’s a fun, relaxing game so far. If you just want to kick back, relax and play a game of solitaire then I would recommend this game. Nice job to the developers.

I love the game, the only downfall is when you are clearing cards and the jackpot card comes down and it holds you up and instead of getting 3 stars, you get 2 cause of going slow, or when your cards have a bomb on them, you’re not fast enough to clear them and you have to redo the level cause the exploded.

very fun and relaxing game love the game come check out you will love it

Look it’s actually a fun game but as always you have made it impossible to enjoy. 10 000 coins to get 5 extra cards and 2000 as a reward for completing. I tried just collecting coins for weeks and got to 450 000. Went through them in less than 2 hours. I get it you want money it’s a business. Some people will give you theirs. But damn dudes!
  • HeroCraft Labs
  • Darren, hello! Thank you for your interest in the game. You can log into the game once an hour to collect a handful of free coins. In addition, by collecting the third level combo, you will receive a jackpot – and this is a lot of coins at once! Thank you for sharing your opinion. We will think about this issue.
Really cute game. Would like to be able to go back and try and get 3 stars for a level. Also don’t understand who’s bright idea it is to charge people with the game coins and took away the 5 lives but it is super silly. Hence the 2 stars otherwise it would of been 4
  • HeroCraft Labs
  • Claudia, hi! Thank you for your feedback. We are still working on the game, so it is handy to us. You can tell us more at support[at]
only just started playing this lovely game, it’s so sweet, love the music, and the graphics are so beautiful, looking forward too playing lots more fun levels, I’m 65 years young, so it’s perfect for all ages! thank you team for a job well done it’s a stayer! here is an extra 5 stars from me
  • HeroCraft Labs
  • Hello! Thank you so much for your review and your awesome feedback. We are so happy to hear you like our game, Becky!

Very challenging, but fair on rewards. Not so hard that you can’t win. It’s too intense and not fun for me, so I’m uninstalling to try other apps.

Nice game, just a pity some of the videos don’t play to double rewards. please fix this so that you can get a 5 star rating

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