Sonic Forces – Drive other players into obstacles and Badniks

[Game] Sonic Forces – Speed Battle

Sonic Forces  World-famous SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is back!

RUN and COMPETE with real players from around the world. Find out who is the MASTER of speed! SPRINT, DODGE, ATTACK and SET TRAPS versus other fans in EASY and FUN MULTIPLAYER game. Download and start your battle NOW!


Run faster with on-track dash pads and grind rails
Drive other players into obstacles and Badniks
Attack with Mines, Lightning, Fireballs, Tornadoes and more
Win trophies to unlock a variety of new and challenging tracks

Race as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and more
Unlock new and rare characters including Omega and Vector
Compete for Rings in every race to upgrade your characters
Top the leaderboards

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This game may include “Interest Based Ads” (please see for more information) and may collect “Precise Location Data” ​(please see ​for more information)​

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Sonic Forces user reviews :

It’s mostly like The sonic dash games except more adds, more than 2 times as much characters in both sonic dash 1&2 plus you’re able to battle against other players around the world! And each player has their own ability, kind of like sonic dash 2, but not all of them are unique and the all have three different abilitys and/or powers. Also when you level up you gain things like extra coins at the bigging.Coins also alow you to go faster. Plus you can make your abilities better in most ways.

It’s good overall, I do enjoy the app. The ads are a little frequent, but maybe I could get used to that, I don’t know. However, it is a good recommendation. However, if you were just starting and wanted to know the controls a little easier I say a good recommendation for starters would be the Sonic Dash games. The tutorial on this game is just a few seconds of up arrows indicating to jump. You basicly have to learn the rest of the slide controls on your own. So, yeah it is very well made.

The game itself is pretty fun, but due to space issues a while back I had to delete it, since then, I came back to it, and after some updates, it seems like the game simply won’t load for me, I can pick a character just fine, but the moment I try to enter a game, it crashes on me, I deleted it and re installed it to see if it helped but, nope, nothing, which dampered my mood towards the game overall, as I have no other device to play it on atm. Either way, fun game to play, when I can.

Love this game, I mostly love how it’s such a timekiller! Like when I’m bored it wastes so much time. So like if I were waiting for something, I play this game a lot! I love all of the characters aswell. Only problem is, that sometimes when I start a race it kicks me out. I’ve only had this problem 3 times. Also for Sonic lovers this game is a blast! If you’re not a Sonic fan, I recommend you play this game! You can’t really join thr same race as your friends though, there might be a way though.

This game is great overall! The levels are fairly designed, the graphics are AMAZING and the online multiplayer is great. I have a few requests for the game, however. I find the lack of private rooms rather odd, as playing against your friends would be awesome. Another suggestion would be to add more stages and characters in the future. It gets kind of boring running through the same settings over and over. Plus, new characters / abilities would add more variety to gameplay.

Game is great no issue with Gameplay at all. Some options I think should be added is way to play with friends Local/Bluetooth or Some sort of invite before Racing. Maybe throw like a Rivals mode that could keep stats on your choosen opponents and such. Something that could make us really feel like we can have like a Rival with someone in the game so I’m more inspired to watch Ads at least for Double points. Also can we have more to do with coins than just upgrade?

Great game, takes the amazing sonic formula and changes it to make it great for mobile multi-player. Makes you really come back for more, because it’s really addicting to get new cards for your runners. There is one thing I hope to see added to this game and that is to play with your google Play friends against each other. But anyways this is an amazing game. Keep up the good work SEGA.

Overall this game is brilliant and very very addictive! The graphic are good, although sometimes can be a tad glitchy but doesn’t affect the gameplay. It would be great if there was an option to play against friends. Another thing that could make the game better is the length of time it takes for chests to open. I have 3x 8 hour chests and can only open one at a time which is frustrating. This game has quickly become my new favourite and I highly recommend it.

Latest Update :

Want to be a rock star? It’s time to put on a spectacular show. Popstar Amy and Rockstar Rouge are here to conquer the stage! It’s time to amp it up!

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