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SoundHound makes it simple to discover music playing around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in your car, or anywhere else. Just open the app, hit the big orange button, and we’ll tell you exactly what song is playing!

All the songs and lyrics you discover will be kept in your own personal history, and you’ll have a Music Map to look up exactly where you heard that song you loved so much. You can also connect your Spotify account to build playlists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites—all with real-time lyrics.

Explore the lyrics of all your recently discovered and favorited music. Sing along, memorize all the words, and you’ll end up a karaoke master. You can also discover lyrics to the most popular songs topping the SoundHound charts across multiple genres and categories!

Tap the big orange button to discover music playing around you, including song title, artist, album, and lyrics.
Have a song stuck in your head? Press the button, sing or hum the tune, and we’ll do the rest!
Keep track of all your discoveries with your own personal history page
Check out the hottest new music across Genre, Global, and Popular charts
Find out what’s being played near you and around the world with our Music Map

Songs you discover can be played for free via our built-in YouTube music player
Connect your Spotify account to stream music directly in SoundHound

Automatically transfer your discovered songs into a Spotify playlist (SoundHound account and Spotify subscription required)
Sync all of your discoveries across multiple devices

View and interact with real-time lyrics with LiveLyrics®
Type in the lyrics or use voice search, and we’ll find the song for you! Say something like…
Hey SoundHound… Show me lyrics for Thriller by Michael Jackson.
Access the lyrics of your recently discovered and favorited music.
Discover lyrics to songs topping the SoundHound charts

SoundHound comes equipped with “Hey SoundHound…”, an incredibly powerful way to interact play and discover music using just your voice. Simply say “Hey SoundHound…” and follow up with something like:

What’s that song?
Show me lyrics to ‘Castle on the Hill’
Play today’s top songs’’
Add this song to my playlist” (Spotify only)

Share your music discoveries via Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, messaging services and email!

Best Music Engagement App – BILLBOARD Music App Awards
“Genius, isn’t it?” – B.B.C. World Radio
“This is amazing… insane, right?” – David Pogue

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SoundHound user reviews :

The past two months, it has not been working. It seems to not hear anything even if I put the mic next to the speaker every time. I have never had this issue for the past few years until now. I unstalled and reinstalled it to see if it would help, but nothing. I hope this gets fixed. It doesn’t seem to hear any of the songs playing or when I hum/sing it outside nothing, not even the older songs that it had found before months ago.

It seems that no matter what service I have, the app only works every so often. In the past week I have tried to find out what two songs were and both were unable to be found and when I go into my pending search and try again, it still says unable to find song. Disappointed because a few years ago I never had any problems. Now it seems to be nothing but problems and never able to find songs I want to look up! If the problem persists, I will delete this app and find a better one!

Greatness: lyrics and overall recognition Room for improvement: 1) Starting slowly again, sometimes more than 10 seconds and missing the song. 2) It’s great that the most recent album with a song comes up (I’m sure it also help the revenue), but the original release album should realm be included. Extra points for initial release date and links to their official fan site (where possible)

App has been working great for the past (almost) decade. I honestly don’t really use it much, but when I do I have like a 93% success rate in finding exactly what I was looking for. The remaining 7% are usually from audio that’s hot a ton of background noise, has been edited a lot from the standard version or I get a song that’s from a cover band or something,or the app just happened to grab a short clip that’s borrowed from another song so it doesn’t know exactly what it’s from. Just try again.

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