Space Cat Evolution – Conquer the galaxy

[Game] Space Cat Evolution

Space Cat Evolution

All your favorite cute kittens from Cats GO — now in space!

The evolution continues – now brave cats flying on spaceship and conquer the galaxy! It’s time for the first space kitten to master and inhabit a new galactic planet! Each normal cat became the space cat in space! Merge cats to help cat evolution and allow Cats GO kittens to adapt to the unknown galactic world!

Enjoy space games and sweet catz! It is time that the kittens left Earth to do space exploration and find another cat-world. During cosmic flying on their spaceship, cats discover a new planet for life. To populate it and make cat-ish, you need the world evolution! Make space monster cats and magic pets a lot! Start sweetest furry space exploration games! Explore absolutely new evolution world made only for kittys! Galaxy space monsters are waiting!

Wanna see new alien kitten adventure? Combine kittens from Cats GO is easy – just drag one to the other in one move! Each alien kitty is fun enough! Evolution of cats in another galactic conditions can surprise you! You never know what kind of monster cats will be the result. Enjoy your cat adventure and discover new areas of the cosmic planet to make your kittens live freely!

Collecting cat is fun! Find the cats of different kinds and species – from real creatures like sphynx, cornish rex, Korat or burmese cat to the fantasy sushi cat, donut cat, space kitty, poptart cat, panda cat, flying cat, sushi cat, orange cat, spacecat, hidden and street cat, mini space cat, stalker or galaxy cat, alien cat and many more! Enjoy this space clicker game about cats right now!

Do you like cat games and space games, but the usual ones are boring? Cat clicker in another galaxy conditions is waiting! Favorite pets from Cats GO in a new uncharted galactic world! Help them to evolve and collect the largest cat collection of cosmic cats!

Space Cat Evolution: Kitty collecting in galaxy – features:

control the evolution on another planet
New space adventures from creators of Cats GO!
sweet space theme cat costumes and species
explore a new world for fancy cats

Space Cat Evolution user reviews :

I love how cute the game is! I am a cat person, and I love space, so this is the perfect game for me. I do think it is a little disorganized. Maybe more of a storyline… it would be nice to have these little space kitties go on an adventure of some sort, or have something exciting happen. Overall, could use a few things, but a really cute game.

I’m not sure if this is new with the recent update but ads are popping up almost every time I click on anything. This game is cute and I know I like it but getting bombarded with ads ruins it. Every ten seconds i’m asked to watch an ad or one pops up on its own. You can watch optional ads to save time or get things, and I normally like games that do this but the other random ads made me quit as soon as I got to the second world. I’m so disappointed to find a cute merging game be totally ruined.

Great game. I finished it in four days. Its not true that your only option is to buy diamonds. There are rewards when you merge kittens

Had to play for a day to give a fair review. This game is cute and fun. Not too expensive. Would like to see a way to go back to previous “finished” universes. Unless Im missing something since I just started playing. Also a Facebook link for friends and gifting etc would be great nice idea too. But great game all in all. Fun for all cat lovers and safe, fun and cute for kids too.

I like your game a lot, very cute art style and easy to understand. But it’s quite hard to tap the cat for the bonus. And I ran in to a bug, all the cat disappear. I only see there shadows.

Boring cat version of a basic merge game. TONS of popup ads, enough that you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. And the controls aren’t even that great – it is difficult to grab and drag cats when there are several under your finger. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

OMG I love this game! It’s so amazing and relaxing! I For some, this game might crash or lag or glitch. But to those who wanna try it, IT’S WORTH IT! It’s worth lag and glitches! If it keeps crashing,lagging, or glitching, Don’t complain about it. It’s not their fault and chances are, your device just isn’t good for the game! I don’t think you would want people to complain about YOUR game that YOU Spent do much time and put so much effort into!

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