Space Decor Villa – Go around the world to design different styles of villa

[Game] Space Decor Villa

Space Decor VillaWelcome to design your dream villa!

As a great designer, you need to have professional knowledge and broad vision to go around the world to design different styles of villa! From Paris to Tokyo, from New York to London, the world is in your design!

The villa in the game is close to reality, matching different styles of furniture in your design. To get more design inspiration, you need to solve the match-3 puzzles. Trust me, the match-3 part is just as exciting as the building part!

Swap to match 3 or more similar tiles in a line to crush them.
Make a square of four to create the paper plane.
Match 5 or more to create amazing boosters
Find different kinds of powerful combos is the key to solve puzzles and beat the levels.
Beat the levels to get more coins which are the necessary sources to buy decorations

Completely free game to play;
Traveling and designing all over the world;
Various interesting events in every week;
Vivid character and attractive detective story;
Play with friends and share your works;

Space Decor Villa user reviews :

Love this game! Have come back to it a few times after deleting it due to problems. I would give the game 5 stars except there is still one more issue to fix; the double tap on the firecracker icon STILL does not work. It has to be moved to activate. As the games get harder during progression in levels, tapping would be more efficient to win. Get that bug repaired and you earn your 5 stars.

It is challenging and the only reason I’ve been playing so long but that God awful bingo ad that won’t let you come off it is just disgusting. I’d never download it just for the fact that it’s such a damn annoying ad! Also, as you go through each level, they take more points but you still only win 300 point. It doesn’t make sense and that in itself is frustrating. Updating 7 months after and still playing. I’m addicted honestly. It has improved a lot.

I gave the game,”Space Decor Villa” one star. I could tell developers that they need to be aware that some people need a least area of restrictions. The match part is an example of a cause of frustration for a disABILITY. As a special education teacher, the games need to include a choice of playing with or without the match game. The games have great potential. Timing the game can be a cause of irritation. I’m playing the game now. I have cerebral palsy. I have first hand experience.

  • Thank you! Any suggestions will help us make the game better. we will appreciate

I enjoy this game. Points for winning and any extras that are left over are too small. Rooms qet a lot of decorations and the coin amount gets used up too quickly. I’ll play for a while to see if it’s worth my extra effort to decorate the rooms with hardly any payout for winning a level

I loved this game for like 2 months. I installed it because of the decoration part of it. There are many games like this one if that is what you want. At the beggining you can decor a room in a day but after a while they make the game so difficult that you run out of lives or they suggest, buying diamonds or watch an ad. I’m not wasting my money in a game that I can just exchange for a different one that make it easier for you to get boosters and play all the time. The rooms aren’t great eigther

  • Dear JULLS ESPEL, thank you for your support to our game. Regarding difficult levels, we also provide certain methods to solve them, such as the selection of some props before the game, and our turntable function can also make your game experience better !

I am really enjoying this game. The only thing is that the adverts can be a bit long when I would like to spend more time designing the rooms. I would love to see a nursery room. But I am enjoying the little games and that you have a choice of collecting money or the diamonds. Great game and wonderful graphics

The game is great up to about level 120, then many of the levels get so hard you can’t finish them without spending money. Cheap trick, if you ask me. I keep trying, but it’s not much fun anymore.

Super fun game! I would love to see a southern front porch to decorate. Make sure to have “haint blue” as a color choice for the porch ceiling.

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