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Space DefenseWelcome Astro Travelers!

We are pleased to present you with the following new user Kit:
1) 10,000 Crystals,
2) Magic Weapon Package (Gatling, Railgun, Spanner, Flamethrower – one each),
3) Awarded upon clearing Chapter 3

In the face of Earth’s resource depletion and a dim future, humanity embarks on a journey to explore space in search of new resources. However, constant attacks from extraterrestrial beings pose a challenge, requiring you to safeguard resource-gathering research labs.

Strategically deploy and upgrade structures to maintain the frontlines, wield powerful weaponry, and unleash devastating special attacks. Your mission in Space X Defense is to ensure the protection of these labs as humanity’s last hope for survival in the cosmos.

Get ready to join the space expedition and explore the unknown space in SPACE X DEFENSE. You’ll team-up with a brave crew-mate, tasked with defending the laboratory from the relentless onslaught of extraterrestrial foes.

Strategically deploy and upgrade defense structures to hold the line, wield powerful weapons, and unleash devastating special attacks.

Unlock new technologies and enhance your skills, paving the way to becoming a legendary defender.

SPACE X DEFENSE offers an electrifying fusion of space defense strategy and thrilling action. Traverse through mesmerizing planets, each presenting unique challenges.

Battle against waves of formidable adversaries, from cunning aliens to monstrous cosmic beasts, and discover their weaknesses to triumph over them.

Upgrade your defenses and unlock cutting-edge technologies to create an impenetrable barrier against the alien forces.

Test your strategic acumen and quick reflexes as each level raises the intensity.

Ready your blasters, take aim, and let the battle begin in SPACE X DEFENSE!

Prepare yourself for an addictive and visually stunning space defense game like never before. Download SPACE X DEFENSE now and embark on an interstellar journey like no other!

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Space Defense user reviews :

More fun than a lot of the others. Just a small gripe, the game could do with a bit more monster variety; various coloured amorphous blobs gets boring after a while. Other than that though, all good. Progression is noticeable, ads aren’t forced, the graphic style is nice and the music is cheerful. And a bit technoey.

Good visuals, smooth play, nice audio and the TD aspects are cool. Just Lacking more content/side content or something like that. Overall it’s satisfying experience. I suggest adding a settlement on space where you can do building upgrades that boost your economy and power, with some infinite game modes. To challenge the players in weekends events.

Definitely one of the best defense games in the field.Definitely one of the best defense games in the field. The prize boxes are added to the hero’s assets without wasting time. Graphics are good and double the charm. The only reason I score four stars is because there are a few powerful and important guns in the game, And the need to get it is to watch a few commercials.

Nice graphics, once you’ve done a few levels you’ve seen it all. Don’t pay for the ad removal at the full price, you’ll be offered a discounted rate. Kills a bit of time but once you’ve completed a few levels there’s nothing to keep you coming back.

Great base idea, lots of room for improvement. Absolutely love the graphics, the sound, and the different weapon choices and gear levelling system. Feedback: All areas say “5 waves” when that’s not true, would be better if they reflected the actual amount. Upgrades that pair with weapons + evos, the symbols aren’t very distinctive/intuitive and there’s no way to see which ones are which once you’ve selected it, unless it pops back up as an upgrade again. I have more, but word limit!

  • Hi! Thank you for the nice feedback! Please note that the “5 Areas” below the Planet’s name shows that Planet has 5 areas to explore rahter than waves amount. However, we’re sorry for the confusion. We’ll forward the message to the relevant team and take your opinion into consideration for further updates. Thank you, Space Marine Defense team

Fun to play. But need more variety in term of enemies,modes and weapons type. The graphic is good, models also cute. I hope dev will add more contents soon.

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