Space STG II – Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans

[Game] Space STG II – Death Rain


Space STG II – Death Rain is a sci-fi real time strategy game. It is continuation of Space STG, the finalist of ADC II competition! This is demo version with 4 free missions.

Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans. Explore solar systems, manage cities, develop technology and create space fleet. Delightfully challenging, yet simple enough to grasp.

“STG II is quite immersive and offers much more depth than most Android RTS games I’ve seen thus far. With a deep tech-tree, multiple ships, upgrades, and plenty of things to manage, it will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. The computer AI seems relatively intelligent, in an artificial sort of way, and provides a tough challenge – even on the standard difficulty.” –

40 beautiful missions in scenario, one special suprise mission and endless quick missions.
8 ships: Transporter, Fighter, Warrior, Rocketer, Warship and MotherShip.
8 upgrades of ships to modern your combat. For instance: Shoots from distance, bombard buildings, transformation of ships.
7 special technology to spread power and chaos. For instance: nuclear missile, electrical storm, planetary shield, mining station.
7 technologies to raise your domination. For instance: turn back in time, planetary tunel, invisibility, hologram, antimattern layer.

READ_PHONE_STATE – only in demo version – used to generate id_device of phone(IMEI/MAID).
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – only in demo version – used to generate id_device of non phone device(MAC).
VIBRATE – Vibration after explosion.

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If you want to spend some time establishing, developing and conquering, you should try this most wanted RTS game.

Space STG II user reviews :

I like graphics of this game. Game developer please give this game free like space stg 3. I am playing Space stg 3 since few months but unable to go further bcoz I am trying to finding weakness & strength of all units. One day I will clear all missions. If any1 is playing space stg 3 please see YouTube channel of space stg 3 official of game developer channel there I have written tricks to win space stg 3. I have wrote how to get omega cubes, rewards, increase area,etc. Please play space stg 3.

Just a demo waste of my time, but it good not like the stg 3 its very hard and sometime it crash and all of your hard work will be erase.

Very good game…its very addictive .add more level and ship

Pretty cool system. No problems yet :) I like the battle mode! There should be more games like this.

Ok its got a good rating why won’t it work on my phone? This thing doesnt even deserve 1 star

Only problem i haveis your fleet disappears if you send them to attack enemy in midflight even if you win the battle you loose your ships

It’s nearly there but it feels too unpolished. While you’re in the development screen you should be able to change planets without going back. In the fight screen you have a I idea what ship your using unless you’ve memorized all the ships. It just feels like a game in beta.

I like the upgrades from the first one. Game play is smoother, and i love the battle style. But after you reach a certain point, the computer seems to have an overwhelming advantage. I’m not gonna play again until it’s actually a fair fight.

Usually I don’t bother with reviews but that game was asking for it ;) Real-time space strategy game which have everything that I did expected from it so building ships, technology and economic with paced action. This game is good time waster :) Phone Samsung Galaxy Mini

If you like RTS games and space adventures then this game is for you. Tactics such as what buildings and ships to build and when to build them are important. Just as important is when to lauch your assaults and with what forces. Im a massive fan of this game and glad i found it. Bonus points for no annoying adds and no special permissions. Well worth the $2 to get the full version

A good game. It’s simple enough to get stuck in straight away but clearly has a range of complexities once you get into it. It even has a tutorial which is informative and interactive. Overall very good.

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