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Are you looking to improve your English speaking and pronunciation of words for exams?
Or maybe you need to learn English speaking with a British accent or an American accent?

Introducing Speakometer – Accent Training, a free English speaking app that uses a voice AI to recognize your British English or American English accent and help you perfect it with comprehensive accent practice of 65000+ English Words.

Speak and practice your English daily by listening to words pronounced by our native speakers and then speak the same words to practice your English. Reach the level of native English speaking much faster with Speakometer!


Unlike other English pronunciation training apps, this language learning app enables you to see your accent practice progress and take help from speaking cues to improve your accent.
Learn native English speaking or any other English accent with this American and British accent practice app. Test and see your progress to improve your British Accent or American accent and word pronunciation.

There are many learn English speaking apps out there. But Speakometer is different because it has unique tools that will help you to perfect & learn English speaking faster. Most importantly there is a lot of free English accent training, unlike with other English learning and accent voice changer apps.

AI-Powered Language Learning App
Speakometer is a free English pronunciation app that rates your speaking using its advanced AI algorithm.

Test Your English Accent and Track your Progress
Your English speaking and English accent will improve quickly by practicing English pronunciation.

Improve Accent for Your Spoken English in 4 Ways

1. Improve English Native Speaking Accent as Speakometer recommends English pronunciation practices based on your native language and practice history

2. Practicing English pronunciation by yourself – an easy way to reduce your accent and correct mispronunciations. It’s better than accent reduction classes.

3. Clear pronunciation for a fluent English conversation. Learn English sounds, and spellings and compare them with similar sounds

4. English IPA chart (International Phonetic Alphabet) helps you to improve your English pronunciation. Use one of the best English pronunciation & accent changer apps for accurate learning.

American Accent and British Accent Practice
Listen and compare 8,000 minimal pairs in real British English or American English voice. Practice English pronunciation with British and American accent practice modes. Use our app as an accent changer to change your British English accent to an American English accent and vice versa.

Learn English Accent & Words
Look up word translations while practicing in 40+ Languages Arabic,Bengali,Chinese,Czech,Danish,Dutch,French,German,,Hebrew,Hindi,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Slovak,Spanish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese & more

Start learning pronunciation and accent
Reduce your accent and have a clear English pronunciation. Learn English pronunciation by listening to how words are pronounced correctly. Improve your English speaking skills, search over 65,000 English words and compare British accents and American accents.

Study English speaking for your spoken English tests and for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC exams
Practice English speaking and correct your accent for your business English conversations
Learn accent and Speak English confidently
Improve your Native English speaking pronunciation and accent
Practice received pronunciation (RP) in British accent

Learn and practice English pronunciation online/offline with one of the best English pronunciation apps

Try this accent correction app now!

Speakometer user reviews :

Idea is great, but 1. When you choose practice of American pronunciation, you hear it in examples, but in fact the phonemic transcription is all about British RP. So, you talk in American accent, and at the same time look at the British accent transcription. 2. For lots of words app doesn’t want to accept whatever you say. Moreover, I chose British RP, and it didn’t want to confirm pronunciation of some word. Then I said it in American accent, and out of the blue it instantly worked.

I like the premise of the app, but it is often confusing to practice with: it often to doesn’t catch the sound at all, does not give feedback what sounds are wrong in the world. There are some words that are in the wrong category (e.g. “wan” in the æ but the recording in the app pronounced is like “one”). I have British accent set, but some words don’t seem to have or accept RP pronunciation

Excellent app for practicing English pronunciation and accent. You can easily listen and repeat recommeded list of words for you or your favourites. I found that method very efficient. IPA guide is also quite helpful for practicing each English phonetic sounds. You can compare American accent and British accent of any word you search. I can see my progress already. It would be great if they add a feature that you can add your sentences to practice. Overall I quite liked it and highly recommend.

I do wish to encourage you for a great app, but also I like to ask to please: i) Allow to set the UK/US accent; ii) Show the user input wave form; iii) Do not adjust input comparison as per user’s native language; iv) Please also display vocabulary/dictionary page for each word practiced once result is good to serve two purposes at same time. I’ll surely continue to subscribe if you can kindly work on these features/issues. Thanks a lot!

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