Speed ​​Racing Ultimate 3 – Drive prestigious SuperCars and exceed your limits

[Game] Speed ​​Racing Ultimate 3

Speed ​​Racing Ultimate 3Speed ​​Racing Ultimate 3 : Drive prestigious SuperCars and exceed your limits!

6 different Game Modes:

CAREER: Challenge the Greatest Drivers and try to win the World Championship!
DISCOVER: Discover different tracks and train yourself.
DUEL: Compete with the Best Driver!
TIME ATTACK: Improve your chrono! The “Ghost” of your Best Time will help you!
FIGHT: It must remain ONE!
GYMKHANA Learn to mastered your car on unusual tracks! Impressive acrobatics await you: Looping, Steering, Drift and more!

Over than 60 Challenges on over than 20 different Tracks!

Save money to offer you the most Beautiful and most Powerful Cars never made.

More incredible Speed ​​and Steering sensations await you!

But don’t forget this: “Without Mastering, Power is Nothing!”

A “Tuto” mode is available on the Main Menu.
Follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to face your Destiny!

Go and look in the “Options” of the Main Menu to:

Set the Accelerometer’s Sensitivity.
Select the Difficulty Level: “Beginner”, “Expert” or “Pilot”.
Select the Camera: “Outside” or “Inside”.
Enable or Disable Music.
Set the Graphic Quality.

For each game mode, the time of all races is recorded.
You can share your Best Times in the “CAREER” mode on the Internet and see your rank in the International Ranking Table.

Are you ready?

Game Features

Drive Prestigious SuperCars!
6 Game Modes!
More than 60 Challenges!
Full 3D Real Time Rendering!
High Graphic Quality!
In Exclusivity: Music by “REVENGE”!

Speed ​​Racing Ultimate 3 user reviews :

It is a nice and use full game for me and I loved it and enjoyed

It is the best game

Please add more controls and cars

This game has great graphics

I think you shloud come out with new graphics

Best race yo you make it until ultimate racing 5 make it to 10

Make More They Are Ready Good

Game is cool but I few issues I encountered were the difficulty in obtaining the first position. Secondly the vehicles at some point gases up beyond your control. I suggest different controls should be made.

This game is so good . I like this game very very much

Users Review:

I enjoy the race. No obstacle that can damage and explode the car unlike speed racing ultimate 5. I suggest to add an option to control the volume of car noise and music. I want to hear loud music while driving. Thanks

Super fun Go Speed Racer My only complaint is that the AI opponents are hard to beat (too good), even at lowest difficulty. Pls adjust.

Im really happy at first but when the race starts only the speed guage is the only cobtrol. How bad it is that you can move forward and backwards for your car then it doesn’t TURN RIGHT OR LEFT.

My best racing car games for all time favorite color and and racing competition wow that’s awesome for sure let’s play together and have fun for this good things 3D

Nice game and the physics as well, but why does the car explodes? While racing i dont like that feature

Who made this game? It’s very good graphics, controls mmm if you want five star rating then add some more fun activities

I never got a racing game like this one And it’s so fantastic and I’ve been looking for this but I lost it and now am going to play it

Its really very nice game with good graphics. This is best game in car racing..

The game is creazy,perfect in drifting and camera view+ racing locations.

Plz update it and add more cars perfect controls and online multiplayer mode

This is a good game. Its look is very beauiful. Please creat more games of this type and freegames

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