Spirit of the Ancient Forest – Once upon a time in the kingdom far away

[Game] Spirit of the Ancient Forest

Spirit of the Ancient Forest  Solve clutter hidden object levels and play jigsaw puzzles and unwind the story of the far away kingdom. Get the full free version of the matching game.

Once upon a time in the kingdom far away…

The legend goes that the magic Tree of Life growing in the middle of the sacred forest. For centuries it has been the inexhaustible source of magic. But when the ruthless lord invaded the kingdom with his mechanic legions, he scorched the land and sacrificed it for steam and brass. Help Sarah on her adventure to heal the Tree of life and defeat the evil lord before magic is gone forever.

Experience ultimate matching fun
Free hidden object games of clutter type rank among the best hypercasual games. They are kid-friendly and require a couple of minutes to complete a level. This HOG boasts a variety of finding game modes. First of all, you are supposed to match pairs of items stocked up with magic crystals. Next time you might need to find three identical items. Or, the hidden objects may appear in colored and monochrome versions, come up of different size or piled up in the center of the screen. New hidden object levels alternate the objective, giving you limitless challenge.

Treat your inner puzzler
Tired of finding items? Spiced with bonus sliding puzzles this little game gem never lets you get bored. Make jigsaw puzzles and unlock story pages with beautiful fantasy art. Select the easiest difficulty mode to play hidden object games without a timer. Jigsaw games and pairs matching develop accuracy and the power of observation. And the fantastic story comes as a comic book which is unlocked page by page.

Save space on your device
Free hidden object adventure games are usually quite spacy. Instead this mini-game is lightweight. Moreover, our small mb games can be played offline, saving both your device space and mobile data usage. If you are thirsty for pure hidden object fun, try other free games from our collection.

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Spirit of the Ancient Forest user reviews :

Its a good game I like the pairing up games and the dissemble the heap games. Only thing is the adverts are annoying coming up after you play each game it ruins it and is frustrating
  • Icestone
  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback! Advertising allows us to make the game free. We make every effort to create a game that will appeal to all players.
Game looked good, with good graphics, but the mini-games got samey very quickly and seemed to have little to do with the storyline. Not so much hidden object as “find a thing in a pile of junk”. Likewise, the ads after each game also got tiresome, were quite intrusive and something of a turn off. Then I discovered that the game is actually a “demo” – something that should be made much clearer. Yes, many games say “ad suppoted” but do it in a much smoother manner.
  • Icestone
  • Hello, thanks for your feedback, we will be happy to hear your ideas for improving the game or answer your questions at icestonesup[at]gmail.com!

I just love this game.. It’s so unique and sometimes just the perfect challenge Im looking for. I can’t find another game like it and I’ve looked, a lot. I go back to it fairly often. Only negatives are that i would love to see changed are 1) if u pay for it once u should get to play it as much as u want without having to buy it each time. i just deal with the ads sometimes. 2) the difficulty level even on very casual play still only allows u limited time. 3) the game is way too short.

Decent game. Completed casual mode in one day and then completed the more difficult mode in the same amount of time. Graphics were nice and controls were pretty accurate. It’s worth the download but, unfortunately, once the game is done it’s done so there’s no need to keep the app or the space it takes on my phone. But keep up the good work… I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.
  • Icestone
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback! We are constantly working to improve our games and take it into account.

Love it. It’s alot like 2 other games I have but not, lol. It helps keep your mind sharp.

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