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Splash CarsSplash Cars : Over 2 million players worldwide!
Reached TOP #10 in almost every country in the world all thanks to you!

Tired of the everyday grey? Color the world in a ride of your life!

Riding a splash car is exactly what you’d expect. Fun! Paint oozes from your machine leaving a colorful trail behind.

But not everybody likes fun. The cops are always watching and will chase you to the ends of the world, when they see you drive free. They want to bust you for shaking up the established order.

Don’t let them! Be quick and break the chase. Now’s your chance to fully express yourself through color and style.

Race for freedom of expression.
Choose your own style from a range of original splash paint cars.
Grow the racy art challenge in new and constantly growing neighborhoods.
Use bohemian power-ups to sabotage cops and supersize your car.
Convert public servants to aid you in your cause.

You are special. You broke free from the shackles of conformity. You have the power to free other people as well. Paint their world a brighter color, convince them to join you in your cause.

You are a visionary on a creative mission. Lead the way and people will follow.

Splash Cars user reviews :

Fun game, not sure how to discribe it but certainly fun. I hope more people start playing so multiplayer can be played more often. Only one bug ive seen so far and its about changing your in-game name. The keyboard does not show up so its impossable to do so. Great game, hope more people play.

Add a few more challenges and customizations. The game itself is great. Kudos to the developers for a neat Ui and controls. My favorite game on android.

How about some new levels or a new version? Love this game but I’ve finished it again and need more.

Turning right for no reason just going in circles it’s been this way for weeks.

Love the multiplayer of this game. It’s so fun and competitive. I always find the driving physics intense.

Fix this i cant play im on samsung galaxy tablet and kicks me off every time i enter game wont let me play fix this and il rate 5 stars pls i really wanna play

Awesome just put a place where you put a number plate

It is a great time killer. Really good please add more cars

Fun so far except for the daily rewards not advancing past day 1

Really fun game no glitches and very entertaining

it is very exciting game . it cars are very cool

Great game very colorful cool cars

It’s best for you guys and me

this game is the best ever

This game is awesome

Everything is awesome and I love how there is police different cars and a tank there are power ups and there is just everything in this game I love it. The only thing I don’t like is that there are batteries and after every battery that gets charged the rim for the next on is longer so I have to wait like 1 hour for all six batteries to charge but that’s all overall the game is beast.

This game is such a great mix between a top down, sort of isometric racing/dogfighter game and a Splatoon style game.Its a great,innovative combo and it’s pulled off spectacularly well,like really well. The controls take a little bit of time to get used to,and I wish there was a dedicated break/reverse button,but it’s not too big a deal.All in all, a very innovative and fun game.Love this game!

Extremely addictive! Once you pick it up its very hard to put down! You just want the beat every level and level up all the cars! A definite download! Would love to see more levels!

Everything about the game is great. But there is a bug when go to change your name in multiplayer player it opens the keyborad for .1 of a second then closes plz fix this then I’ll give 5 stars.

Cool The fuel gauge is a bit short and even the extra small stages are quite big

Great take on a racing game The game runs fine and uses neat mechanics. Some amount of replay necessary but it’s all fuj and entertaining. Love the new multiplayer. Reminds me of Micro Machines!

Great game be nice on xbox one or ps4 brilliant fun

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