Splash Ocean Sanctuary – The fate of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem is in your hands

[Game] Splash Ocean Sanctuary

Splash Ocean SanctuarySplash Ocean Sanctuary : Welcome to Splash, the best fish game and #1 aquatic experience from the creators of Flutter.This spectacular simulator game challenges you to restore life to a beautiful Coral Reef.

As a reef caretaker, the fate of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem is in your hands. With the population of the ocean dwindling, you must raise and release a multitude of fish species to repopulate and fill it with life. Along the way be sure to keep your Aquapedia handy, as you’ll document exciting real-life facts about each species you uncover. Watch in wonder as your sanctuary comes to life, teeming with creatures that are both visually stunning and unique in personality and behavior.

So take the plunge! Splash is overflowing with eye-catching fish, beautiful ocean environments and relaxing gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come.


Build and nurture your own beautiful reef, adorned with stunning real life corals. Not just another Aquarium game.
Discover a huge range of real world fish species including Angelfish, Lionfish, cute Seahorses and Jellyfish!
Relax and play with your new ocean friends, guiding them through the reef and observing their quirky interactions with each other.
Catalogue your discoveries and learn more about your ocean friends in the “Aquapedia”, full of facts about the marine life you discover.
Connect with friends to exchange gifts and help each other along your journey.
Become an underwater photographer and take snaps of your favorite fish. Customise the images and share your creations with your friends!
Release your fully grown fish into the wild to repopulate the great ocean.
Participate in special events to collect unique underwater species only available for a limited time.
Level up to unlock more species, decorations, and space for your sanctuary.


Please note the “splashcam” feature requires read/write external storage permissions, in order to save in game screenshots taken by players to their devices.

Splash Ocean Sanctuary user reviews :

Very addicting. Falling in love with each little being I create. It is a whole different world insight I wish I could live. Beautiful Sea creatures so far. Can not wait 2 c what’s 2 come.

Love, love, love. Graphics and sea creatures are cute and colorful. Fun to play and learn about them at the same time.

I love this game so much but it’s been taking me forever to lvl up and open up new sets of fishes :( I’ve started with pigmy seahorses before you guys migrated from DENA and I STILL haven’t finished them!!! :( i play every day fcs! Please make it easier to finish the sets bcuz this is absurd! I’ll be on this for next two years!!!! :(
  • Runaway May 17, 2017
  • Hey there Sanja, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback! I’ll be sure to pass it on to our development team – Lisa

Last Update April 19, 2018 :

This update has brand new missions and preparation for the next Event!
2 New campaigns of missions! These 40 missions revolve around the Seadragon and Pygmy Seahorse core sets.

Contact developer :


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