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[Game] SpongeBob – Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob    Let’s get cookin’!

Join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom! When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be earned in the fast food business, the penny-pinching entrepreneur sets out to expand his empire, starting with a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house…and who better to help him run it than SpongeBob SquarePants himself?


Enjoy fun & fast-paced cooking gameplay as you make foods seen in SpongeBob SquarePants!
See the exclusive and hilarious story of SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off
Interact with Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and many other familiar faces!
Visit your favorite SpongeBob landmarks and cook up grub!
Design your own versions of your favorite Bikini Bottom restaurants!
Hundreds of levels to master on your journey to be the best fry cook!
Beautiful graphics of Bikini Bottom and its habitants!

Open a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house
Cook Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab!
Grill up some Texas Barbeque at Sandy’s Treedome!
And much more coming soon!

Please Note: This SpongeBob cooking game is a free to play game that includes optional in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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SpongeBob user reviews :

I love this game it entertains me keeps me going and is really fun.It even looks good.I don’t know what y’all are talking about but my game work perfectly fine.No glitches and I been done had this game and barley any ads only ads for new outfits and stuff.I think it it is really fun,fast,and the ones your giving the food to make the funniest faces when they get food .I really love this game.

I was really enjoying the game despite some hiccups that have already been mentioned, even dropped cash on a flash sale for gems. I must’ve had close to 80 gems when I closed the game to let my phone charge (this IS a power hog) Only to log back in and see that for some magical reason, the game busted me down to 7 gems. I double checked to see if I somehow wasn’t logged in and it was thinking it was a new game, but everything else was in place. I would have raised an in-game ticket, but couldn’t find a way to. How disappointing. I’m hoping this is some sort of glitch and that they get restored. Otherwise, uninstalling and not looking back!

The gameplay is good. I like this kind of cooking game. I just don’t like the way you “forced” by bombarding with ridiculous amounts of order IN THE SAME TIME for “you think” my tools can’t keep up so I have no choice but to upgrade it. I know you want to make money and lots of similar game also do the same, but atleast you can make it more subtle so player can still enjoy the game. With addition of intrusive ads out of nowhere, sorry but I can’t find this game enjoyable at all. Uninstalling.

Firstly, sometimes after finishing a round, it will get stuck on the cooking page and not load. I have tried reinstalling it and still having the same problem. Secondly, I don’t really understand why upon upgrading we will need to use both coins and gems? And gems are also harder to earn as compared to coins so even if I have enough coins for upgrade, I don’t really have enough gems. However, this is a relatively fun game that got me hooked. Hope the bugs can be fixed soon.

I preregistered for the game hoping it would be fun. I was only met with disappointment as it took 10 minutes for the first loading screen. Again met with more disappointment as it crashed. I would say I had great graphics to look at as the game froze, but all of the stickers were replaced by black rectangles. Cant see a single thing. Hadnt seen a review discussing it, so I gave the benefit of the doubt. Redownloaded it, only for the food to go missing too. Not even playable for me anymore.

This is a fantastic game, and I’m not saying that just because of sponge Bob. It is very smooth, well done animations, classic sponge Bob style in the form of a cooking game. It has some story (not too much) which is easily skippable if you want. There aren’t too many ads, and the ones you do get can usually skip after 5 seconds. TLDR: Fantastic, really balanced and entertaining game and suitable for any and every age. And apparently gets surprisingly hard, surprisingly fast

The game looks just as I expected it would be, I’m fairly happy with it. There’s just one issue, bugs. We know the game is relatively new and all, but it gets really annoying when the game freezes after completing one level. Maybe it’s my phone (Samsung S7) but if you could please check that out I’d be thankful. Great job nonetheless!

Latest Update :

Hey Fry-Cooks! Our sweet new update is a real treat. Play now and delight your customers with sensationally sugary sustenance in our newest restaurant [Sisyphean Sweets)! Thanks for playing and stay tuned, more delightful diners are on their way!

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