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Notice of upgrading the supported Android OS version

Thank you for always looking forward to play Spoon Pet Collector.
From the next update (version 1.15.4), we will change the service target OS version of the Google Play version to the following.
The update is scheduled for early July 2023.

Before change
AndroidOS 4.0

After change
AndroidOS 4.4

You can continue to enjoy the app on devices with Android OS 4.4 or prior, but after the change, you will not be able to install it or update it from the Play Store, and our support will not be available for operation.

Spoon Pet Collector is easy to play!

Set out various goods and food, then wait for the Spoon Pets to come and play! That’s all you have to do! You can scoop them up with your spoon, take pictures to complete your Pet Book, and dress up your pets in cute outfits! There’s even an extra mini-game! Relax and enjoy Spoon Pet Collector!

Compatible devices
Please check Android requirements from store

If you have any problems, please contact our support team at: spoonpet.atsume[at]hit-point.co.jp
Our business hours are weekdays 10 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

We may contact you concerning your inquiry.
Please make sure to turn off any e-mail rejection or block settings in order to receive emails from the address: spoonpet_atsume[at]hit-point.co.jp

Spoon Pet Collector user reviews :

It’s very fun to play and explore new place and I can buy thing for my pets the game is so cute and there’s no ads I love it!!!

One thing I really like about this game is that even if your food runs out, there will still be spoon pets. Every single time I open this app, I see at least three spoon pets. It’s really cute and adorable! Also it’s cool how you can scoop them up and put them anywhere you want. This app never shoves any ads in your face (at least in my experience) and there’s a playground where you can play with spoon pets! Really good game, I recommend it.

incredible~! great for age regressers, it’s a cute simple game that has lots of things to do and is a lot like ‘neko atsume’ which i also love. i like this one more tho since this has games and a dress up section, plus it’s cuter. love the pet designs they’re all adorbs and look like plushies! i definitely recommend this game if you enjoy idle games you don’t have to pay attention to all the time. my only issue with it has nothing to do with the game but just my reflects- it’s hard to time pics.

This game is cute, fun and relaxing! I really enjoy it and if you like collecting cute things without having to play (or pay!) relentless and annoying games (especially the ones that like to cheat)! Then this game is definitely for you! Unlike Neko Atsume (cats) this game gives you way more credits to save up and buy stuff (which is why I prefer this game more). Oh, and you’re not bombarded with ads either which is ALWAYS a plus! I can’t recommend this app more! Download it today!

I just started playing it yesterday and I’m in love! Everything is so adorable from the graphics to sound and music  You can also watch ads and play two mini games for more spoons which is good. I like neko atsume better but this game is also fun and relaxing to play I hope I collect all the cute pets soon!

omg this so cute and so very very adorable game this app make me so happy if i am angry!!!

Would definitely be better for players to be able to sync the data with cloud storage. So, that when changing device, the player can retrieve saved previous data.

The little Spoon Pets are so cute my brain hurts!!! I have Neko Atsumi, which is still the best of its genre, but this one comes close. Interacting with the pets (kawaiiiiii!!!!) sets it ahead of Neko, but the infant’s nursery pastels and awful music drag it back. The ‘William Tell Overture’ with awkward loop splice? Really??? Picking up the pets in a spoon is so damn CUTE, though! Ok, ok, minus one star for the music. It’s really awful.

Absolutely adorable, ridiculously simple, and just distracting enough for me. If you want the cuteness of an E-Pet but don’t want to constantly check your phone, this is perfect.

Very nostalgic! I remember playing this when I first got my tablet at 8 years old, it’s crazy to see that it’s still available and working. Honestly would love to see a remaster of this beautiful gem of a game!

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